Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone from a warm and sunny South Africa.

I do not feel even the littlest bit jealous of your snow - you can keep it!

We are having a quiet day with a bbq for 2!

I want steak - that is yet to be discussed.

hugs and all


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tim quilts

Tim has a tooth!! Yay!
TQ 1 and 2
TQ5 - sorry cannot turn it, this has butterflies on the pink squares.
You can tell which are camera photos and phone photos, sadly.
Anyway I am on no 5 now!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tim Quilt 4

Yup, another one done - hell I am fast, it actually took one day in total, and now I have another available for raffle!

This one has a lot of left over squares from TQ2 and 3. So it looks similar.

Coralie says Tim is doing so well at the moment, he was excited when she got home on Wednesday and was gooing and gurgling to me on the phone. Too cute.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tim quilt no 3 - update

I have brought TQ3 to work as Carina at work - thank you Carina - has said she will take it to her pool club so people will buy raffle tickets. So far she has already sold half the tickets, and she hasn't left work yet. She has asked people at work to buy raffle tickets and the managers have gone crazy!

People are so kind!

I am feeling all warm and fuzzy and grateful!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tim quilt no 3

Poor yellow baby. Note where the Dr's keep shaving off his hair!
Timothy's blood counts are up - pretty high, his Paed is happy, his oncologist is 'ecstatic'.
This photo taken 22 Nov 2009.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A huge thank you

Thank you Anne S. She has sent Coralie money via PayPal to help with Timothy's expenses. We are all grateful, and as someone said to me recently "It proves that 'thank you' is not big enough for how I feel and how grateful I feel."

You cannot say adequately in the English language how grateful you are for your friends and family and how their kind deeds have affected you so deeply and positively.

Heartfelt thanks Anne, you are so special.

Scissor fobs available at Anne's site. They are beautiful - go on, take a peep.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

places we went to on holiday

Things we saw in each town

This is the centre of Bathurst! Mel lives in a house about 1/2 a km up the road heading up the right hand side of the photo.

The big Pineapple is on the road running off the top of the photo, towards Port Alfred - it is three stories high - no, I haven't a clue either! I can tell you they do a lot of pineapple farming around here though!

Port Alfred

Not many good photos at the web site - but it is a cute town!

where we stayed

Cape Town

Saturday, November 28, 2009

wow, holiday breakdown!

So, the holiday rundown;

Animals I saw on the road, please note we were not actually looking for game; this was just roadside animaux!

Guinea fowl (one of my fav birds) – one unfortunately flew into the side of the car as well, committing suicide. That was sad, and did not damage the car too much, very small dents.

and a type of eagle

And the cutest little black piglet who when he saw us gave us a look of ‘oh, there you are!’ That was cute. I swear I would have picked him up if it weren’t the first day on the road.

Ververt Monkeys – the whole troop on the road.
Baboons (I hate these with a passion) – ditto.

And a Dassie (pronounced dussi)– a rock hyrax – nowhere near an outcrop of rocks, crossing the road! A Dassie is like a fat rabbit with short ears and short legs. Now the best thing about them is their nearest living animal relative is the hippo, they have the same bone structure with three toes! He lives on rocky outcrops and I am not really sure what he eats, but, man can Dassies run!

People we saw – Mel and Chris, their daughter’s Storm and Chelsea Blu. Linda and Mike, Courtney, Eric and Josh – the cutest baby – if he wants attention he starts saying ‘huh, huh, huh’ like he is laughing. And when he bumbling around – he is crawling and almost walking – he says ‘a duk, a duk, a duk’ such a sweetie. Coralie, Henk and Tim – Tim was really not well the weekend he had to go to hospital on Monday and was only discharged on Thursday. My ex, Flam, his wife Karin (a sweetie), and their 3-year-old Willy. Mel and Linda’s mom and dad.

Port Alfred is a wonderful place, it is quiet, near the sea, it is a lovely place to kick back and relax. Linda and Mike were the host and hostess only dreams are made of. They allow you to do what ever you want, you can sit anywhere, read a book if you want to, there is no pressure at all.

We travelled 4200 kms – and we know it, our bums are the shape of the double cab’s seats!

So – to make you laugh and remind you that wherever possible Coral will make things interesting!

First night out – I leave my cell charger in Port Alfred. (Good thing we changed plan and went back that way)!

Third night out – I leave my very expensive coffee in Mossel Bay – ditto – as you may remember that was not the original plan to return. It was a holiday that changed daily.

About the fourth night out I realise I have not brought enough clothes, and with the change of plans every (umm) ten mins, there is not a chance to do washing. I later realised what I had done. I counted out 7 outfits, and then chose one out of those to travel in. Um, that was mistake no.1, one day I landed up commando. (Yes, I am sure you really wanted to know that)! I had to buy 2 tops – there was no chance to wash, even the last day (the extra day) was a surprise move told to me at about 1am!

But there was lots of love and laughter, I feel I bonded with Mel and Linda and their husbands like I haven’t before.

I saw my Tim, who I am doubly worried about now, he was so ill. My little yellow boy. He is on steroids now, and I am not sure about this treatment! He is 7 ½ months old, and is mostly so weak. I was so upset when I left him. We left him on Sunday night and I cried to the end of the road, then was so distant the rest of the evening. We walked from the Stay Easy at Canal Walk to the restaurant on the canal side. We saw a duck with about 12 ducklings, and Ian caught one so I could look at it, as he knows I love ducks so much. It was the tiniest little chap, with tiny little wings flapping, and the little beak chirping. It did help me cheer up I can say that. I thought of Anne S at that point. She would have enjoyed that bit!

There was a market day at Coralie’s work on the 25th – they made R3300 for Tim. Well done all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

up and at 'em

We had a lovely weekend, amongst everything else we went out for lunch at a very nice - - new to me – restaurant on Saturday. And I finished off my second of the Tim Quilts on Sunday. Note to self - Must take pictures tonight!

Ian took me shopping for some new tops on Saturday and Sunday! I am so blessed to have him. Ian did not work, so things were even more relaxed than normally. Lucky us!

The Tim quilts are going to CT to the Discovery Craft Day which is to be held on the 25th I think. The craft day is aid of our famous Tim. He is such a lucky boy to have so many people worry about him and make all the efforts on his family’s behalf. Thank you everyone who has contributed, even the smallest help is appreciated.

Thank you is such a small phrase, and does not cover what I feel in ‘grateful-osity’ – my own word.

Two sleeps and I am on holiday with my Ian!
Can’t wait.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's me again!

I know it is a while since I have posted, I am in my own little foggy world, not an unpleasant place, but it is like sitting on a comfy cloud with me being pretty mindless.

I have decided that the dreaded menopause has hit in a fury. I have been staving it off since my early 30’s so, it is not surprising. I get the hot sweats, night and day, weight increase, terrible night’s sleeps – oh yay for all that, and all in the last month!

So I pop off today to see the Dr. More money she groans! Okay - update, a change of HRT and another tablet to stop the side effects - that is the sweating and yuckky bits, not side effects of tablets!

I have almost finished a quilt top from the bandanas. I will take photos of them as they are done.

Anne S – bless her – is selling scissor fobs in aid of Timothy’s treatment – they are absolutely beautiful, and this is totally unexpected. Please pop over and have a look.
Thank you so much Anne!
Tim has been in hospital this week, more platelets and more blood. This time they gave him the ‘big’ bag of platelets as they have realized he is a sieve! He was in over night and out by the next morning. Good.
Coralie’s pregnancy is progressing well, she is pretty cheerful and still has morning sickness. Please think positive thoughts that it goes away soon.

She moves house month end, good luck to her. ;-))
11 November – are you wearing your poppy? I am! It is not a SA thing, but I always wear mine!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

just excitement after excitement!

Does it ever stop? Coralie and Henk have ben told they have to get rid of the cat because the flats do not allow them. Now admitted they did know this, but the cat has never been out of the flat. He has never bothered anyone. He sits on the balcony railing and looks at the outside world. I suppose that has offended someone! Well, they are looking for somone to baby sit him until month end. (If you can help out, please speak up) The plan was that the next time I travel down he could have returned with me, but this is only until month end.

So the kids have looked at a new place to rent - close to Henk's work, he will be 5 mins from his work. They have a move on the cards!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fundraising Rolls of Christmas Ribbons (wired) R35

Tim's Aunt (Tannie Madeleine) and Granny (Ouma to you) have made up some ribbons to fund raise for Tim's medical expenses.

They are so beautiful, see the photos;

If you would like one I will post them to you. Please enquire from me and I will give you further details.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What a weekend!

So, what have I been up to – you may well ask!

Wednesday I finished up and went home and decided to start another quilt. I started off with Pumpkins Gone Crazy jelly roll, and have made the pattern Chinese Coins. I have used my Moda Basics Oreos jelly roll to sash. And on Thursday late I ran out of black thread.

Friday – here is the plan – take thank you notes to the post office – check, go get black thread – check. Hear friend is in hospital, pop in to see her – she is in the hospital 2 kms from me. On the way back on a whim, I popped into the pub at the Football Club. The idea was to have a cool drink and be on my way after visiting Colleen. She and her husband run the bar. They are Colleen and Ian, we are Coral and Ian – very weird especially as he calls her Col.

Anyway, I land up spending the whole afternoon there. I haven’t laughed so much and enjoyed myself so much in such a long time. I landed up drinking Gordon’s Gin as they have a promotion on, and won a prize with every tot I had – so I scored a tee-shirt, a cap, a glass, a lanyard, a set of coasters (these were swapped for 2 glasses with another patron) and a key ring! Not bad, but the best bit was the company, and I had the giggles by the time I left.

I get home and Ian is home before me – he has taken washing out of the washing machine (oops – I had forgotten), emptied the dishwasher, and so on – poor darling, I have never done anything like this before! So to start with he was a bit cool, but had to warm up as I just kept giggling. Anyway I waited until a suitable time had passed before I went to bed.

And woke up on Saturday bright and breezy, and a smile on my face. So after I had a moment or two, popped back to the hospital to see M who’s family probably won’t visit as they live a fair distance from the hospital. I got home just before Ian did, and we went out for lunch. We were to watch a rugby match final, but we didn’t bother, we snoozed on the couch! I didn’t know who won until late last night as I could not find it on the news channel on DSTV. And as it was Halloween, I waited until past 9 for the T & T’s and they never turned up! But I did end up watching a fascinating documentary about Tasmanian Devils that have a facial cancer. So, time was not wasted.

Sunday, I popped over to M again to see her and took her a pack of charm squares, called Recipe for Friendship. Which she so liked, she kept stroking it and paging through the squares – it was so nice to see that I had got the right present for her. I went home and tidied up the patio as I was having Peter, Lynda and Kahyla over for tea. Peter is Coralie’s ex Michael’s dad and Lynda is his partner, Kahyla is Michael’s daughter.

Ian arrived home and took me out for lunch, and then he went onto the pub to see the Grand Prix, and my tea time visitors arrived. Kahyla is a tiny little sprite, and smiles such a lot. She has the most amazing blue eyes that look like shot silk.

Then Sean arrived home and after the guests left we went to the pub to meet Ian. After the end of the New York Marathon, we went home – so we weren’t late at all!

But this was a great weekend, and I think I will order up more like that!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Lost Thimble

I read Dan’ Brown’s book The Lost Symbol this weekend.

It made me think in a flight of imagination that Ann Brown could write The Lost Thimble.

But how does the plot go?

The Thimble is missing due to being mislaid, because of un-use. (is that a word)?

The search begins; and I have run out of ideas already – help me girls! I see a huge English house, green gardens, yew trees, and ladies in long skirts. But I am already imagination out!
Over to you – a sentence is enough! But make it follow on!

Fundraising party update.

Apparently much fun was had by all, and they raised R1100. Wow!

A photo of Coralie and Nicole.

And a photo of the quilt I made this weekend for Kylah. Kylah is Coralie's ex- Michael's daughter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's a party - at Palm Beach in Cape Town

Make an effort and get there! Please!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Miss Kitty's Dragons

Finally finished. I will be making it up into a cushion cover for Timothy's oncologist.

My entry into Anna's competition, Swirlygig - it is named 'In Celebration of Tim' - note the letters b.o.y. are highlighted. It is quilted, and has machine stitched hearts and leaves on the border. It did not win, but makes me smile - the winner was in both categories the one I voted for!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

flat cat!

I know you all think I have been 'out for lunch' but I have been battling with a virus. It didn't flatten me, but it did flatten my spirits. So, no posts.

I am pretty fed up with how my blog has deteriorated, with my one track mind. Tim is not the only subject. He is dreadfully important, but I feel to tell you how funny the Indian Mynah birds were the other morning would be so trivial, but I will tell you anyway;

The birds were sitting on the railing of the balcony outside my bedroom. It was early morning and the curtains were closed. The sun was on the curtains. My cell phone was wailing that it's battery was running flat. Every time the cell phone tried to notify me that the battery was in danger of failing, a little bird tried to imitate the ring tone. It was cute and made me laugh!

You have not seen a picture of my finished 'Miss Kitty's Dragons' By Just Nan, and this has been finished for 4 weeks. Bad me!

So you see, my posts will have to lighten up sometimes, for 'me own sanity'.

Friday, October 9, 2009

another small post from me

Who has a paypal international account? I need help!

Please think positive thougths for my dad, he has been diagnosed with hip joint problems and is in terrible pain.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

great news!

I am going to be a granny again! I have known for 5 mins, and now you know too! When I was with Coralie over the weekend we did a tarot card reading, and I saw a pregnancy. Well on Sunday she started wondering when she had last a period, and then thought of a home pregnancy test. It is postive!!

I laughed and cried.

Monday, October 5, 2009

fund raising idea

Here's my idea, everyone who buys a Sunflower Bandana forward it to me after you have used it. I will make quilts from them and raffle them off to raise funds for Tim's medical expenses. If you want to foward them to me just email me and I will send you my address.

update no 213334

Wow, lots to tell you all.

I flew to CT on Thursday morning and slept all the way – bargain! But I lost my pillow in the airport on the way down, I know exactly where it was lost, and it was gone! So today I have a stiff neck! From sleeping all the way back.

When I arrived Henk’s mom had Tim in her arms, he looked dreadful. He had been taken out of ICU and discharged as they did not want him in the hospital with sick children. He was as weak as a new born. Poor baby. Henk’s mom Lauretta then went into the airport to leave CT to JHB (granny tag team) and Coralie and I went on to the Red Cross hospital for Tim’s check up. His oncologist even phoned his paediatrician to say “His sparkle has gone”. But by the end of the day he was so improved, I think the fact he has started eating like a horse helps! He loves Purity carrots!

So, at this stage he has spent almost ten days in the hospital having blood transfusions, and platelet transfusions.

Thursday night he kept up Coralie and Henk so Coralie stayed home on Friday. I was supposed to have him all day. But it was for the best as he had a really bloody nappy later in the day. Henk had taken Coralie’s car as his had a flat battery and we had no transport. We had to ask a neighbour to take us to the paed, as we were car-less. I had phoned the Dr’s office to ask if we could just walk straight in the Dr’s rooms as Tim had just come out of hospital and was still weak. So we saw the Dr very quickly and he wanted more blood tests taken. Henk came home to swap cars and give us Coralie’s one back. We then took Tim to have his bloods done. And later landed up taking him back to hospital as he needed more blood transfusions and platelets. This poor child has transfusion after transfusion, and his blood counts still are not high enough. (I am a bit foggy on why he needs the bloods at all, the platelets I understand). The most amazing thing is that this poor kid after the platelets has a totally different colour and is so calm. So, the poor baby was back in hopistal. I have to admit neither Coralie or I took it well. The staff all say ‘Hello Timothy’ when they see them. Nobody wants to be that recognised!

So he spent another night in hospital. He has started playing with his bear; it is so sweet.

So Saturday morning, Coralie and I went to see him early on, and when he went to sleep we left to go to the mall. We spent a bit of money and had a breakfast together. That was one of the high points of the weekend. We went back to the hospital and about 17h30 we took him home. The sister had tried to take bloods from his neck and there is a huge bruise on his neck, and his skin is so thin when the plasters are removed, they tear off his skin, so he really does not look great as he had to have his head shaved as well to get his drip in. He is covered in bruises – at every joint there is two bruises. They cannot get a needle in just anywhere. For the blood tests they are taking samples from his heel now, as there is nowhere else to get a sample from.

So I left early on Sunday, and got home about lunchtime. I was sad to leave but had to get home and to work, I have a stock take this week to complete.

And this morning I hit a dog on the way to work. I was traveling down a remote road and something ran in front of my car, I couldn’t see what it was, then realized two dogs were chasing it, and the leading one landed up being hit by my car bumper. I am not impressed and have a good mind to stop at the nearest farm house to see if the dog is okay and see what their insurance status is as they are liable. Sigh, I am so fed up with excitement!

Monday, September 28, 2009

picture heavy

Tim is still in hospital, I am planning to fly down on Thursday.

On Saturday I went to the quilting exhibition to help out. Saturday had the most perfect weather. We were under a gazebo, and it was such a great relaxing day. I met some wonderful people and found out about a Quilter’s Guild near to me. So, next month I will be there!

The quilts were hung between the trees, so it was a really romantic setting.

Enjoy the pictures.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tim update no 3

Tim is back in hospital, he left on Monday and was back in on Wednesday night. He had respiratory distress.

He has had platelet and blood transfusions. And Coralie does not know when he is coming out.

Poor little munchkin.


Yesterday was Hertitage Day - AKA Braai Day (BBQ Day). We had Michael's dad, Peter over for - yes, you guessed it, a braai. It was a good afternoon. I really enjoyed myself.

I am working at a quilt show tomorrow at Uncle Tim's Cabin, an old fashioned shopping centre near us. And can you believe it, Ian is not working. He has decided he will paint the balcony railings off of our bedroom. And other household tasks.

Does anyone have any idea why I cannot post in FB? I can comment only.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new quilt

Yes, Anna, spot the mistake again!! The same mistake 2 quilts running!

Tim update no 2

Tim left the hospital yesterday afternoon. Coralie sounded pretty happy. I think that had a lot to do with the fact the nursing staff told her to go home and get some sleep, which she did, she must have had an uninterrupted 6 or so hours. So she feels a lot stronger.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tim update no 1

Tim is in hospital in Paarl, his platelet count dropped rapidly to 2 - is that a real number? Holy Moly! But Coralie is very happy with the hospital and says he is well looked after and the staff are lovely! (What a change from government hospitals in this country – there it is a-fend-for-yourself)!

I am positive he will be okay and as usual he is in good hands.

Friday, September 18, 2009

no title

It is terrible to say, but I have had a lovely few days, yesterday I drove 50 kms one way to a quilting show, it was not very big - the town was smller - ha - but it was lovely to get out and drive mainly on the highway on my own.

I did spend a little money. One thread, two half meters of fabric and a fat quarter.

Today I have been sewing a quilt top for Ian's mom. I believe we are seeing her on the 3rd (I think). So slight panic stations - it is nearly done! This was not the plan, my plan was to not spend money and use my 'works in progress' to continue quilting - but I had to break out new material! Things never go to plan.

Courtney is having her 21st birthday on that weekend, so we are flying down.

Apparently Ian's ex, Melanie, has between 6 to 12 months to live - a reduction on her last estimate from the Dr. I can see Ian is shocked, well I am too, but he is very quiet. She is not yet 40 - so it is pretty bad, and as her youngest daughter is about 12, this is not good, nor expected.

Tim is driving his parents crazy - they are not getting enough sleep and last time I spoke to Coralie she was beside herself. Henk took him to the hospital the last time on his own - I never thought he could do it. So he is a lot tougher than I thought!

love to you all


Monday, September 14, 2009

A380 revisited

Do you remember when we went to see the A380?

Well, my kids and I have a special relationship that no-one really understands; we have conversations that don’t include anyone else, and most cannot follow. Our own shorthand if you will.

I was reading Marmite Toasty, and realized she has the same relationship with her kids. You just get the giggles together, and egg each other on and land up in ‘disgrace’ – not in your head; you are having far too much fun to notice!

Back to the A380…. (I didn’t digress much, did I?)

We meet up, as arranged, and park in the car park that Ian suggests, remember he works at the airport so he knows the ropes.

Now as I cannot re-direct you to the photos and the original story, I have to give you a run down. Iblog has killed my blog.

Ian, myself, Coralie and Sean, and then Peter (Coralie’s ex’s dad) went.

So we arrive at the end of a queue – a long queue, we cannot see where we are supposed to get to – the security office is around a bend.

“Oh, no” says Coral, “This chap has been here since 1941, we are going to be ages!” The chap in front of us has a jeep tee shirt on, but only has 1941 printed on the back. The giggles start. Including the chap, who now is over hearing our conversation and smiling. But does not look at us.

So, we 3 get bored, good thing Ian and Peter were deep in conversation, as we were behaving like children – ha ha!

I start telling Coralie a story – another digression to explain – Coralie popped around to our house whilst she and Michael were breaking up with some dagga, dope, marijuana, whatever you call it in your home. She made up some smokes (I don't know what you call them, actually)– my first time ever – at 43 trying my first drugs. Well, it was amusing, but not like I am going to put myself out finding the stuff.

Anyway, Sean was not there, so I sent him an SMS, or Text message saying ‘we have dope’. He does not respond, I think what a shame (or stupid dude, I am not sure). Anyway when I do see him he says he thought I can’t spell and meant to say ‘we have dop’ (Afrikaans slang for alcoholic drink).

So of course we are roaring with laughter, waiting in the queue and the chap in front, and his lady friend are trying not to bust a gut listening to us.

Needless to say, once we had started to entertain the crowd, oh dear we are incorrigible; we were on a roll.

Sorry I cannot remember more of the conversation, but let me tell you, we should start a troupe – Sean is the funniest – he just cannot help but be funny.

And Marmite Toasty’s fun Saturday reminded me of that time, except I didn’t try to run over and give a guy a heart attack – ha! Maybe I can work that into my next blog account of ‘Things I Did Over the Summer’. And I can also say ‘Don’t make me angry – I have a tattoo’, not that I have one!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Patch update - briefly

Patch was euthanised yesterday, she had back end paralysis. It was on and off, but she kept falling over, which was distressing for all of us. She could not get up the steps to get into the house any longer.

She went peacefully and bravely. I talked her through it, and she just faded out. I told her how everyone loved her and how everyone would be sad. I sat with her for a while afterwards feeling her lush coat, and wishing we could have just given her a new body.

She was 15, and a beautiful soul.

I am missing her, I keep thinking about her and looking for her.

At the same time I am relived, I think this has been hanging over me for a long time; to have to make the decision.
(that photo is pretty old, she was a lot more white, and I haven't a clue what she is doing there)!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am a doff animal mom, I have forgotten to give my doggy water twice this last week, I should be fired from dog duty! I really feel guilty about it as it hasn't crossed my mind to check her bowl. I am happily buzzing about doing my own thing, mentally miles away!

Henk flew to Johannesburg to fetch a car. He arrived yesterday and leaves today, I think. They need the car so badly and have been offered a swap with a car they own here in Johannesburg that is actually in pieces. Sounds like it might be a bargain. Sean is meeting up with him today to see if it needs a quick service before driving back to Cape Town.

I have sent stuff to go to CT with Henk for them all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tim's professional photos! 22 Aug 2009

Two hunks!

I love these dreamy eyes.

a smile!
Looking after our munchkin.

Don't these two look so happy?

These photos have been taken by Leandre Warren photography
She is very clever to have got a smile from Tim!
Thank you Leandre!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gratuitous baby photos, cos I can!


Tim went back to the hospital yesterday. He was 'quarrentined' again, in the Dr's room as some bright spark had taken their child in to the oncology unit suffering from swine flu - I ask you with tears in my baby blue peepers, what does that sign on the door say? - ' if you have a fever or temperature do not go beyond these doors'.

What with that and the chicken pox last month, I think there is a language barrier! (Sounds a bit like a barnyard). (And what do I keep saying about our major problem in SA - it is the language barrier - 11 official languages is ridiculous).

Anyway, Tim is on TB meds, and has to pick up some weight to start his treatment. 3 kilos sounds easy to you and me, but that is half his body weight.

So, things are going to quieten down and Tim needs to eat!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

quilts at RCCH

Here are some photos of some of the quilts at the Red Cross Children's Hospital. I love most of them.

This should be turned! This is lovely.

my fav! I just love this one.

Red and white

oops, a bit fuzzy!

I cannot turn this!


Teddy alseep

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sean's finger.... no, not The Finger!

Sean went yesterday to have the pin removed from his finger. I had no idea that he would be under anaesthetic for it!

He arrived home yesterday at supper time to tell me he had just eaten a lunch and a supper!

He wondered why they had given him so many pain killers; this morning he knew.

I told him to go in and leave early. He isn't home yet!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim photos!

In the bath with my daddy.

Thumb sucking in hospital - too sweet! (And very loud)!

Showing the lump under his arm and his swollen abdomen, casused by his liver and speen being inflamed.