Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tim went back to the hospital yesterday. He was 'quarrentined' again, in the Dr's room as some bright spark had taken their child in to the oncology unit suffering from swine flu - I ask you with tears in my baby blue peepers, what does that sign on the door say? - ' if you have a fever or temperature do not go beyond these doors'.

What with that and the chicken pox last month, I think there is a language barrier! (Sounds a bit like a barnyard). (And what do I keep saying about our major problem in SA - it is the language barrier - 11 official languages is ridiculous).

Anyway, Tim is on TB meds, and has to pick up some weight to start his treatment. 3 kilos sounds easy to you and me, but that is half his body weight.

So, things are going to quieten down and Tim needs to eat!

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