Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am a doff animal mom, I have forgotten to give my doggy water twice this last week, I should be fired from dog duty! I really feel guilty about it as it hasn't crossed my mind to check her bowl. I am happily buzzing about doing my own thing, mentally miles away!

Henk flew to Johannesburg to fetch a car. He arrived yesterday and leaves today, I think. They need the car so badly and have been offered a swap with a car they own here in Johannesburg that is actually in pieces. Sounds like it might be a bargain. Sean is meeting up with him today to see if it needs a quick service before driving back to Cape Town.

I have sent stuff to go to CT with Henk for them all.

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susanm said...

Love the photo's of Tim and family. Send them my blessings and hugs esp to Tim.