Thursday, October 15, 2009

flat cat!

I know you all think I have been 'out for lunch' but I have been battling with a virus. It didn't flatten me, but it did flatten my spirits. So, no posts.

I am pretty fed up with how my blog has deteriorated, with my one track mind. Tim is not the only subject. He is dreadfully important, but I feel to tell you how funny the Indian Mynah birds were the other morning would be so trivial, but I will tell you anyway;

The birds were sitting on the railing of the balcony outside my bedroom. It was early morning and the curtains were closed. The sun was on the curtains. My cell phone was wailing that it's battery was running flat. Every time the cell phone tried to notify me that the battery was in danger of failing, a little bird tried to imitate the ring tone. It was cute and made me laugh!

You have not seen a picture of my finished 'Miss Kitty's Dragons' By Just Nan, and this has been finished for 4 weeks. Bad me!

So you see, my posts will have to lighten up sometimes, for 'me own sanity'.


Anna van Schurman said...

The world does have a way of continuing even when we are in dire crises, doesn't it? Maybe if you put your foot down hard enough it will stop until you're ready? But it sounds like mynah birds were just the right thing

mainely stitching said...

Wild Mynah birds ...Oh, I'm envious. I just love these birds!

There's an awful lot of very serious stuff in life. It's nice to be reminded of the things that make us laugh for no reason. :)