Friday, December 11, 2009

Tim Quilt 4

Yup, another one done - hell I am fast, it actually took one day in total, and now I have another available for raffle!

This one has a lot of left over squares from TQ2 and 3. So it looks similar.

Coralie says Tim is doing so well at the moment, he was excited when she got home on Wednesday and was gooing and gurgling to me on the phone. Too cute.

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear that little Tim is doing well right now. He's had such a struggle. It simply is not fair. I think of him and add him in my prayers often. He sure is a cutie even where the doctors shave his hair can't change that. (smile)

Coral your quilts are lovely. No surprize what with your natural talent and many hours of work.

I'm home again and finally back on line so I can check i on you more often and don't you worry about me and the old boy. Times are rough right now but we still have life so much better than so many around the world we are tough old birds and will do just fine. Sometimes I just need to whine and rant a bit and then I move on.

How is Coralie's pregnancy coming along? When is she due with baby number 2? I hope all is going along well for her. It's so good that she has such a wonderful Mom and Tim has such a great grandmom to love and be such a good strong support. Just be sure to take good care of you and Ian too.

What Sean doing these days? I suppose it won't be long before he brings you some grandkids too.

My little guys are still the joy of my life and keep me busy and happy whe I can be with them.

Yep girl you raise a glass to me when you are having a fun day in the sun BBq-ing and I am freezing in my 3 layers of clothes wishing I could join you.

Take care my friend.

Love Jolie