Saturday, November 28, 2009

wow, holiday breakdown!

So, the holiday rundown;

Animals I saw on the road, please note we were not actually looking for game; this was just roadside animaux!

Guinea fowl (one of my fav birds) – one unfortunately flew into the side of the car as well, committing suicide. That was sad, and did not damage the car too much, very small dents.

and a type of eagle

And the cutest little black piglet who when he saw us gave us a look of ‘oh, there you are!’ That was cute. I swear I would have picked him up if it weren’t the first day on the road.

Ververt Monkeys – the whole troop on the road.
Baboons (I hate these with a passion) – ditto.

And a Dassie (pronounced dussi)– a rock hyrax – nowhere near an outcrop of rocks, crossing the road! A Dassie is like a fat rabbit with short ears and short legs. Now the best thing about them is their nearest living animal relative is the hippo, they have the same bone structure with three toes! He lives on rocky outcrops and I am not really sure what he eats, but, man can Dassies run!

People we saw – Mel and Chris, their daughter’s Storm and Chelsea Blu. Linda and Mike, Courtney, Eric and Josh – the cutest baby – if he wants attention he starts saying ‘huh, huh, huh’ like he is laughing. And when he bumbling around – he is crawling and almost walking – he says ‘a duk, a duk, a duk’ such a sweetie. Coralie, Henk and Tim – Tim was really not well the weekend he had to go to hospital on Monday and was only discharged on Thursday. My ex, Flam, his wife Karin (a sweetie), and their 3-year-old Willy. Mel and Linda’s mom and dad.

Port Alfred is a wonderful place, it is quiet, near the sea, it is a lovely place to kick back and relax. Linda and Mike were the host and hostess only dreams are made of. They allow you to do what ever you want, you can sit anywhere, read a book if you want to, there is no pressure at all.

We travelled 4200 kms – and we know it, our bums are the shape of the double cab’s seats!

So – to make you laugh and remind you that wherever possible Coral will make things interesting!

First night out – I leave my cell charger in Port Alfred. (Good thing we changed plan and went back that way)!

Third night out – I leave my very expensive coffee in Mossel Bay – ditto – as you may remember that was not the original plan to return. It was a holiday that changed daily.

About the fourth night out I realise I have not brought enough clothes, and with the change of plans every (umm) ten mins, there is not a chance to do washing. I later realised what I had done. I counted out 7 outfits, and then chose one out of those to travel in. Um, that was mistake no.1, one day I landed up commando. (Yes, I am sure you really wanted to know that)! I had to buy 2 tops – there was no chance to wash, even the last day (the extra day) was a surprise move told to me at about 1am!

But there was lots of love and laughter, I feel I bonded with Mel and Linda and their husbands like I haven’t before.

I saw my Tim, who I am doubly worried about now, he was so ill. My little yellow boy. He is on steroids now, and I am not sure about this treatment! He is 7 ½ months old, and is mostly so weak. I was so upset when I left him. We left him on Sunday night and I cried to the end of the road, then was so distant the rest of the evening. We walked from the Stay Easy at Canal Walk to the restaurant on the canal side. We saw a duck with about 12 ducklings, and Ian caught one so I could look at it, as he knows I love ducks so much. It was the tiniest little chap, with tiny little wings flapping, and the little beak chirping. It did help me cheer up I can say that. I thought of Anne S at that point. She would have enjoyed that bit!

There was a market day at Coralie’s work on the 25th – they made R3300 for Tim. Well done all.


mainely stitching said...

Whew, Coral, quite the trip!!

I am sorry to hear the Tim's ill and weak. Hugs to you all.

MarmiteToasty said...

You have all been on my mind so much of late ((((((((Coral)))))))))

know you are loved....


Secret said...

And I didnt get to see you!!! :(