Friday, September 25, 2009

Tim update no 3

Tim is back in hospital, he left on Monday and was back in on Wednesday night. He had respiratory distress.

He has had platelet and blood transfusions. And Coralie does not know when he is coming out.

Poor little munchkin.


Yesterday was Hertitage Day - AKA Braai Day (BBQ Day). We had Michael's dad, Peter over for - yes, you guessed it, a braai. It was a good afternoon. I really enjoyed myself.

I am working at a quilt show tomorrow at Uncle Tim's Cabin, an old fashioned shopping centre near us. And can you believe it, Ian is not working. He has decided he will paint the balcony railings off of our bedroom. And other household tasks.

Does anyone have any idea why I cannot post in FB? I can comment only.


mainely stitching said...

This is why I've been a blood (and now plasma) donor all these years.

Huge, strengthening hugs to Tim, Coralie, and yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby - you're all in my thoughts {{hugs}}