Monday, September 28, 2009

picture heavy

Tim is still in hospital, I am planning to fly down on Thursday.

On Saturday I went to the quilting exhibition to help out. Saturday had the most perfect weather. We were under a gazebo, and it was such a great relaxing day. I met some wonderful people and found out about a Quilter’s Guild near to me. So, next month I will be there!

The quilts were hung between the trees, so it was a really romantic setting.

Enjoy the pictures.


mainely stitching said...

Lovely quilts, and what a glorious setting!

Hugs to Tim. I hope he'll soon be home and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Kisses Timmy.

These quilts are wonderful an d so colorful. Lots of talent is South Africa.

I miss stopping in. I can hardly wait to get home but the old boy says we main be moving even farther away when this job wraps up around late November. I haven't said a word to the kids yet.

It's getting cold here very suddenly. It's lots more windy here so the cold really feels raw. I maybe better start building us a warm quilt. Of course it'll not be as lovely as these.

Miss you Coral.

Love Jolie

I've read and listened to so many books and sudio books that I'm getting daffy.