Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's me again!

I know it is a while since I have posted, I am in my own little foggy world, not an unpleasant place, but it is like sitting on a comfy cloud with me being pretty mindless.

I have decided that the dreaded menopause has hit in a fury. I have been staving it off since my early 30’s so, it is not surprising. I get the hot sweats, night and day, weight increase, terrible night’s sleeps – oh yay for all that, and all in the last month!

So I pop off today to see the Dr. More money she groans! Okay - update, a change of HRT and another tablet to stop the side effects - that is the sweating and yuckky bits, not side effects of tablets!

I have almost finished a quilt top from the bandanas. I will take photos of them as they are done.

Anne S – bless her – is selling scissor fobs in aid of Timothy’s treatment – they are absolutely beautiful, and this is totally unexpected. Please pop over and have a look.
Thank you so much Anne!
Tim has been in hospital this week, more platelets and more blood. This time they gave him the ‘big’ bag of platelets as they have realized he is a sieve! He was in over night and out by the next morning. Good.
Coralie’s pregnancy is progressing well, she is pretty cheerful and still has morning sickness. Please think positive thoughts that it goes away soon.

She moves house month end, good luck to her. ;-))
11 November – are you wearing your poppy? I am! It is not a SA thing, but I always wear mine!


Barbara said...

With all you've been going through, it's hardly surprising you're a bit in your own world, Coral. Good heavens, you've had a row of it. I hope the doc can help you out. I'm afraid that's looming on my horizon, too. Actually, a GYN diagnosed it after bloodwork 5 years ago, but ....

Hey, take care!

mainely stitching said...

(The mystery Barbara is me. Danged mixed up accounts.)

Secret said...

I still have mass amounts of bandannas for do I get them up there, or should we wait till I visit? xxx

Anonymous said...

Menopause...does it mean we will have a pause from men? Heck no...just that they will wish for it. It just isn't fair the crap we women go through...I do hope the tablets help you through it. It is so good of Anne to do this for Tim and you. A good friend indeed. I'll check her site out.

Take care Coral. I'm thinking good thoughts to send your way.
Love ya kiddo, JolieXXX