Monday, November 2, 2009

What a weekend!

So, what have I been up to – you may well ask!

Wednesday I finished up and went home and decided to start another quilt. I started off with Pumpkins Gone Crazy jelly roll, and have made the pattern Chinese Coins. I have used my Moda Basics Oreos jelly roll to sash. And on Thursday late I ran out of black thread.

Friday – here is the plan – take thank you notes to the post office – check, go get black thread – check. Hear friend is in hospital, pop in to see her – she is in the hospital 2 kms from me. On the way back on a whim, I popped into the pub at the Football Club. The idea was to have a cool drink and be on my way after visiting Colleen. She and her husband run the bar. They are Colleen and Ian, we are Coral and Ian – very weird especially as he calls her Col.

Anyway, I land up spending the whole afternoon there. I haven’t laughed so much and enjoyed myself so much in such a long time. I landed up drinking Gordon’s Gin as they have a promotion on, and won a prize with every tot I had – so I scored a tee-shirt, a cap, a glass, a lanyard, a set of coasters (these were swapped for 2 glasses with another patron) and a key ring! Not bad, but the best bit was the company, and I had the giggles by the time I left.

I get home and Ian is home before me – he has taken washing out of the washing machine (oops – I had forgotten), emptied the dishwasher, and so on – poor darling, I have never done anything like this before! So to start with he was a bit cool, but had to warm up as I just kept giggling. Anyway I waited until a suitable time had passed before I went to bed.

And woke up on Saturday bright and breezy, and a smile on my face. So after I had a moment or two, popped back to the hospital to see M who’s family probably won’t visit as they live a fair distance from the hospital. I got home just before Ian did, and we went out for lunch. We were to watch a rugby match final, but we didn’t bother, we snoozed on the couch! I didn’t know who won until late last night as I could not find it on the news channel on DSTV. And as it was Halloween, I waited until past 9 for the T & T’s and they never turned up! But I did end up watching a fascinating documentary about Tasmanian Devils that have a facial cancer. So, time was not wasted.

Sunday, I popped over to M again to see her and took her a pack of charm squares, called Recipe for Friendship. Which she so liked, she kept stroking it and paging through the squares – it was so nice to see that I had got the right present for her. I went home and tidied up the patio as I was having Peter, Lynda and Kahyla over for tea. Peter is Coralie’s ex Michael’s dad and Lynda is his partner, Kahyla is Michael’s daughter.

Ian arrived home and took me out for lunch, and then he went onto the pub to see the Grand Prix, and my tea time visitors arrived. Kahyla is a tiny little sprite, and smiles such a lot. She has the most amazing blue eyes that look like shot silk.

Then Sean arrived home and after the guests left we went to the pub to meet Ian. After the end of the New York Marathon, we went home – so we weren’t late at all!

But this was a great weekend, and I think I will order up more like that!


mainely stitching said...

Coral, your weekend sounds like just the thing! Hooray! :D So very glad that you got some fun time - and giggles, too! :)

Anonymous said...

The giggles are the best recipe for a weary mind and they help heal the do tears. But boy I'd rather have the giggles any old day. So glad you relaxed and had fun and your friend (M) is lucky to have you.