Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well, look who just popped in to say hi!

I know I am MIA, but how many times can I tell you about going to work Monday and Tuesday, home Wednesday and Thursday quilting like mad, and Friday having my sewing machine course, and using Friday as my shopping day?

Exactly – so although I am busy, busy, it is pretty humdrum.

I have a small pile of quilts growing – that is pretty satisfying – and I am waiting with baited breath for my imported stock and material to arrive. Heaven knows how anyone can manage to wait so long, I am informed that the parcels get to Johannesburg airport, and stay there for ages! That does not surprise me at all.

I am going on a course a little later today to create a quilted bag, it is already costing me R240 – so it is not a cheap nor quick and easy thing to do. Pictures will follow!!

Sean has sold his accident-damaged car – for more than we expected. That is good!!

Courtney has her baby on the 10th December – by caeser. So we can all be looking forward to that. I must phone her later today.

I miss all the internet interaction, but with me popping in to my email everyday, in and out, I am not very actively answering mails.

Please spare a though for my Aunt, she has had a bad accident whilst she was on holiday and has been in hospital for about 2 weeks in France, with bleeds in the brain, and now a blood clot near her heart. She is very dear to me and is my godmother too, so she is very special.

Keep well, everyone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

she'll never be fat!!

Edited to add:

I spoke to the child's granny last night and she has been told that her son says that the baby in question is fed over the weekend, but casually. Which does not go with a previous statement that the poor child has a book and if you baby sit you have to write down at what time the child urinates, and what she eats at what time. Ludicrous parenting. I am not sure if what they state is true about the 'casual' food intake over the weekends, but time will tell. And yes, I agreee this is only going to cause more food issues in the child later on.


I heard a story the other day about a young couple- they are in their early 20’s, who have a baby, who is impossible. Apparently she is 8 months old and really keeps everyone on their toes. Her granny has worked out that the baby is on solids at the day care she goes to, but over the weekend is only given bottles to drink. What would you say or think about this situation? I am appalled at the fact that these young people do this and claim they do it because they do not want a fat baby.

my 5c's worth

I am pretty amazed at how most people are still coming to terms with Obama’s colour. To me it was never about his colour that inspired me, it was about his beliefs and his honesty that appeared to me. He is an honest young man who can make a difference.

I find it sad that the people whose blogs I am reading are saying that it is such a momentous moment in America’s history because he is black. Huh!! He is the best candidate.

I thought that McCain’s campaign was flawed that he continually had to tell us about how he was a POW, like we had a very short attention span, and that was the only reason to vote for him. Then of course, the next black mark was the anti-abortion idea; then the capper was Sarah Palin, who is a wacko. There are too many reasons to list here; you all know what they are.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

a win!!

Yay!! I won over at Barbara's blog!! I am so lucky!!

Sorry, trying to get off the computer, my computer virus attack - how ironic, I have had a virus too! - now has to go to the shop, it whas been at work for over a week whilst someone was 'trying' to fix it, but it did not pan out.

So, a no link, no detail post!

Sorry Barbara!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What is worse on pizza, mushrooms, or green pepper? And try to order one that does not have either of them.

My girls both sent me a picture of themselves pregnant on my cell phone. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to send them on to my email, and therefore onto this blog so you can see them. Courtney has a neat tiny little tummy, the ‘classical’ boy tummy, just a little bump in front. Coralie is already showing at 13 weeks, and is utterly uncomfortable. She is, poor girl, going to carry like me – like a bus!!

Coralie has been so blessed as Mary has bought her a whole stack of maternity clothes. She said to me – ‘I am so much more comfortable now.’ I am not sure how much clothing she has, but is sounds like Mary bought enough so that Coralie will not have to buy anything else.

Sean started work at Babcock on Monday, he is pretty thrilled that they finish work earlier than Volvo, he says it is like leaving work mid afternoon.

My quilting is going great guns. When the guys are at work I am making up the machining parts, and then doing the hand stitching during the evenings. It is working out well, if a bit slowly. So far I have only finished 5 quilts 2 of which are quite small. This week will not be conducive to making many quilts as I am working it looks like 4 days this week. I am finding it a bit frustrating. It is a bit stop - start.

Ian’s 50th birthday is next year – he is planning a really expensive holiday away at a place called The Cavern in the Drakensberg. He is going to invite his parents, and his sister and Phillipa. BTW, we are to have a ‘superior suite’!!

Sean and I did go to see the car I mentioned in a previous post – it was no go-er as some mechanical work was needed.

USA – congrats on Obama as your new president. I am pleased he made it in!
PS, do you like my avatar photo?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

when you order waffle, don't get the cream, it is usually that nasty stuff out of a can!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have been so terribly busy and my computer is still in the ‘hospital’.

I have been exhausting myself quilting and working. That’s all.

When anything exciting happens I will let you all know.