Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not great news

Well, I went to CT to see Coralie and Tim, Henk stayed at home.

We took Tim to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Tuesday for a bone marrow test to check for leukaemia. It was a very long day and Tim was wiped out when we left, he had a hole in his bum, and pelvis through which they had taken the bone marrow and got pretty sore after we got home.

He passed out in the car on the way home – he was so punchy from the drugs, poor baby. He had two grannies, one an Ouma, one a Granny, a god-mother, an uncle, and his parents to look after him, so he was spoiled for choice!

We left at 7am and got home 18h30. It was a long, wet windy and horrible-traffic-day.

Anyway real results are due in a week, but he is a VERY sick baby. I looked up on Google Juvenile Chronic Leukaemia, and there is no good news there.

I am in hiding until results come in, you understand

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Challenge for South Africans.

If you know of Bosom Buddies (a charity very close to my heart), great; if not please go over and read about Mel and her fantastic work with truly underprivileged South African girls and ladies, who give birth sometimes in the most terrible circumstances right here in SA.

She provides the babies and the mommies with a bag with goodies in, including baby clothes, nappies, sanitary pads, blankets and other goodies.

She is having a pretty bad time right now with a clothing shortage.

1) Do you have or do you know of anyone who has second hand gently used 0-3 month old baby clothes that you can donate to her charity? (Yes, Tim’s clothes are going here).

2) Here is the challenge – Ackermans has GREAT baby gear. Their sale is in July. I challenge you to open an account, use the vouchers – BARGAIN, and bring your account up to R600. This will mean that you will pay off the account in 6 months at R100 a month. Can you truly say you cannot afford that?

She mainly wants baby gros and vests. Why not go in the first day of the sale and ‘wipe out’ the 0-3 month stock?

I plan to, will you join me?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a present!!

I was incredibly lucky to receive a present from Barbara for her birthday draw - yes that is a bit odd when you think about it, but how fortuitous for me! I received a fabulous pocket - Barbara's stitching is exquisite! - and tiny! - it is really a fine fabric, everyone! I have unfortuately left behind the details (typical me). So I cannot tell you any details (I am such a flake).
And....(drum roll) a tee shirt for Tim, stitched by Barbara as well!

I am so touched, Barbara thank you so much. I am thoroughly spoiled!
What is in here?
Isn't that the most gorgeous present?

bye, bye cell phone!

My cell phone was stolen from me Tuesday (a public holiday here) – what a bummer. I was at the good factory shop in Benoni and felt I was bumped, but when I gave a hard stare towards the only customer in the area, I noticed she had a little boy. He was about three and kept bumping his head on my handbag. Huh, when I got back to the car my phone was gone. So all my good pictures of Tim and Josh are gone, as well as all my contact numbers. So EVERYONE, please send me a mail with your details on it so I can enter them into my old cell phone – thank you!!

I have been so lucky up until now with cell phones, too!

Edited to add: I have my old number back now, but I still need your numbers.

Monday, June 15, 2009

hillarious, I suppose it is in the translation!

Teachers should not inflict pain - Mokonyane
Independent Online - ‎2 hours ago‎
By Angelique Serrao

Premier Nomvula Mokonyane has cautioned striking Sadtu teachers in Soweto that if any teacher was caught striking on Wednesday, they would be arrested.

Friday, June 12, 2009

finally car pictures!

Aha, a bit of sunshine and the cars are still wet!!

So here we are – the old car and the new car.

Don’t worry about the registration plates; they will be changed soon, as we are in a different province, so no-one will be able to stalk me!

Do you fancy that they are almost the exact colour – how fab, as the gold really does not show the dirt!

P.S, did you spot the mistake in Brian’s quilt? It is pretty obvious – tip, it is in the top left hand corner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

news and views

Okay, I am to show you a picture of my newer car, but I cannot it has not stopped raining in days!! (Daze) We are not used to winter rain, so it is cold, damp and depressing weather. I am pleased I am not working during these type of weather days.

Anyway my new car already has new shocks, Ian’s dad Brian said he thinks he was driving the car when he hit a pothole. The one shock was really pulpy. So Ian changed both front shocks – isn’t he a handy guy? He has bought a bee sting aerial, and the little knob that releases the front seat was missing and he has replaced that. Next up is the fuel line between the filler cap and the tank has perished, Ian will pick it up today – it was on order and thereafter a radio. It is a great little car, and for some reason I was so apprehensive about it.

History of the car is that Ian’s parent’s neighbour owned it and she is now 91. She has had the car since new (2003), and it has 15 000 kms on the clock. Ian’s dad has been driving the old lady around in her car for a few years now as she was not capable of driving any longer. The lady has moved from their retirement village and her children had made the decision to sell the car and gave Brian first refusal.

Anyway, to show you a picture; the quilt I made Brian.

Yesterday Ian took the day off work and I really enjoyed my time with him. It is amazing how attached I am to the guy!! ;-)))

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is Josh's quilt, it is backed with more Beatrix Potter fabric, in blue and white.

My sister very generously bought the fabric, anyone who knows will know that is very expensive because of the copyright issues.

So, I bought the batting and the cream for the border and binding.

I am really chuffed with it. I know Courtney will love it too. She is pretty excited about it!

Monday, June 8, 2009




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a weird life we all lead!

Not much to say, I have been working the last 2 days, and will be doing so tomorrow as well.

Coralie has to take Tim to the Red Cross Hospital for Children in Cape Town. His platelet count is still low and although apart from that he appears to be healthy, it is a matter for concern.

I have a great photo of Tim and will ask Nic to post it for me as I cannot sign into blog land at work and the photo is at work on my work computer.

This computer is going into the 'shop' tomorrow, I cannot take the sloth-ness.

My quilting is at a bit of a stall.