Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello Baby!

Tim came home yesterday, so we are now going to settle back down to a more normal existence.

Tim at home 27/04/2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

and more...

Tim is still in hospital (NICU), the Dr wants to know if we have any thrombosis or spleen problems in the family as Tim has an enlarged spleen and a very low platelet count. Platelet count – is connected to clotting factor, low platelets = low clotting.

Off we go again – yup, we are mentally exhausted! (let's not mention the travelling, back and forth from the hospital, it is about 34 kms each way).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here he is!

yesterday's photo. Under the lights, but only on 1/2 beam!

Doncha love those chubby cheeks?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tim has landed!

Wow, what a day we had yesterday, up at 3h30 – yes, people, am!!!! Get to hospital, and it was all go, and by 6h10, Tim was born.

Coralie was so brave, she was so frightened and was shivering, and didn’t stop for hours – but she was so happy once Tim was born. He is - of course – beautiful and healthy, apart from immature lungs. He spent the day in NICU yesterday, I am not sure if he is out or not, and he has to learn to feed. But I think that should be a cinch as he was sucking his thumb inside on one scan. He was on 30% oxygen, and as normal oxygen that we all breathe is 21%, that was not bad, then by the time I went home he was on 22%, so I should imagine today he will be a lot healthier.

The hospital is great, it has a double bed, so Henk can sleep there as well. The bathroom is about the same size as mine, and of those who do not know my bathroom, that is big! The staff are all so friendly and helpful.

Henk, OMG, he reminds me of my ex! Moody, and goes on and on about nothing. He was complaining to Coralie’s friend what a hard time he had getting up from Cape Town, um, I phoned and booked and paid for his ticket –huh, hard time? He can’t manage to do anything on his own, he needs a helping hand all the time. Today I am going to put the phone number for Kulula on his phone, he can handle the return trip on his own.

I cannot download the photos as one, I have Coralie’s camera and two, I don’t see the cable anywhere. Bummer, but Tim has hoses coming off his face in these photos anyway so he looks like the elephant in Rudyard Kiplings story.

Today he should be on the Netcare site, I will check and leave the addy here if so.

Tim is not there yet, he is Timothy Finaughty, 16 April

Still tired….


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

baby update

Caeserian section sceduled tomorrow morning 6 am. We have to be up at 3 to make the hospital! The reason for the Caeser is that Tim has not dropped and Coralie now has protein in her urine.

Pictures soon!!


Taking Coralie to the hospital today - it could be the day that Tim makes his appearance!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A work scenario.

Let’s call one person A, she was in need of a staff member, and employed a friend to do the job. Let’s call her B. B has approached me today to tell me how she is so fed up with the way her friend is treating her and what a pair of witches A and C are together.

Poor B, she has never seen this side of A before and is appalled.

I told B that C being jealous of the rates we contractors are being paid mainly causes the problem. Plus C has always been A’s favourite staff member.

I am sorry that B is so disillusioned with her friend. That is sad. The fact that I am here only 2 days a week doesn’t help as I cannot be a support, like she needs.

Monday, April 6, 2009

wow, how time flies!

I have had a very exciting week, and now, back to work to do a quick blog as my computer at home has summink wrong with it – really seriously, though, it looks like the screen has blown! Urgh!!

Anyway, the Cavern is the ‘Place to Go’! Highly recommended!! And for all my international friends, you would think it was an absolute bargain!

Had good practice ‘granny time’ with Josh, yes, even nappies. So, I am ready for Tim.

Coralie is still hanging in there, she is large, Tim is larger and now…… She wants to move to Cape Town BEFORE the little beggar arrives, WTF?????

He is due the 10 May, about a month to go, and she has such swollen ankles and continual nausea. She cannot sit in a car for more than an hour without her back cramping up – I just give up – how does she think she will do a 12 hour car trip to Cape Town?

Oh, update on the job front, I never heard from them, even though I did follow up and had to leave a voice mail. No problem to me. And the agency said that the salary was x to start with and then said it was x minus 2 grand later. Huh!!

Sean’s 25th birthday today. 25 years, where did the time go? (I just love that guy)!