Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when we were away

Whilst we were away we stayed at the most hilarious place. It was a 2 star B+B. When I walked in I was pretty amazed. There was plastic covering the entire table tops, on the dining room tables, the bedside tables etc.

Our room had a window, which if you moved the blinds has a view of a brick wall – really scenic – not!!

The bathroom had been added on, it was built out into the old porch that runs along the front of the building – the walls were so thin, and the floorboards had cracks in that if you were sat on the loo you could see parts of the verandah underneath.

The one bath mat nearly killed all of us at least twice; I eventually kicked it to one side. The floorboards were pretty highly polished and the angle your foot hit it made it skid off – it was dangerous!

The taps on the basin were set in the wrong way around, and the tiles had been tiled over – so two lots of tiles, and the taps set the wrong way around made it pretty difficult to use the taps.

The shower head was missing the sieve bit – so it was like army showers. And the head was set close to the wall – so to remove soap from my left armpit was a bit difficult.
It was dead funny. We could have moved, but we are like that, quirky does it for us!


Anna van Schurman said...

I once stayed in a B&B that had added on a bath on the veranda (we call it a porch). Only it was winter in Syracuse, and they hadn't bothered to heat it. So I would get up every day and take the first shower--to heat the room up--since I had dragged bestpal along with me and it wasn't fair to make her shower in the butt-freezing cold. However, the woman made the most OUTSTANDING breakfast. And the bed had an eggcrate form on it and was very comfortable. You have to look at the bright side!

mainely stitching said...

Too funny, Coral! Quirky indeed.