Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chiro, and not for me!

Whew what an exciting day yesterday!

Coralie phoned me about 12h00, she had bad backache and needed to be picked up – from work, about 60 kms from where I was working. So, off I trudge, no, not in a bad mood, I just had no idea how to get to her! So, I picked her up – only 2 u turns, and get her to a chiropractor. First we go to mine, and then we are recommended to move on to another, after we have phoned about 4 others for an appointment. We are phoned that a person has cancelled and my own chiro can take her. We get there, very fast, and now I can see Coralie is really taking strain.

The treatment was a bit strenuous and her neck really was stiff. She was hot and cold when he finished and she looked so pale and was panting to stop the nausea. Poor girl. I took her home and she eventually went to bed for about an hour. She stayed for supper and Sean ran her home.

Today, we do the journey in the opposite direction, to fetch her car. So, as soon as I am finished up at work that is the plan.

So, we have found out that chiro’s are in short supply, we are all in the wrong business!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor kid. Nothing worse when one is preggers then to have a back and neck acting up. I hope all is well now after her treatment.

Did I hear you right...something about work? Are you back working now?