Friday, February 13, 2009


Today will be a quieter day, the workmen have all gone and I am waiting for two people to do minimal touch ups. The one door needs a thingy (so technical, I am)!, those fasteners to the top to stop it opening, and the ceiling needs a small touch up with paint.

Must take a photo when things are back to normal - I hear you saying yeah, yeah, you said that before! But really, the bulkhead in the lounge is truly a work of art - it looks like a cinema. Okay, you will get it when I show you the photo.

So, here I am in my jammies, with a hair treatment on the head and a face mask on. A most unusual thing, I must say.

And feeling pretty punchy, as I had to take an anti-histamine last night. I feel like I have taken cold meds. I am dried out and swollen. I have a rash that started just above the collar bones, and is moving rapidly up and down. Coralie's Dr prescribed some anti-histamines, and a cream. He suggests it is an allergy. But to what? Soap, soap powder, softener? This could be fun - finding out what it is. In the meantime, excuse me whilst I scratch! (ugh, what a lovely picture that makes)!


Anonymous said...

being anal retentive i would suggest writing a list (little shivers of happiness that override the need to itch) of anything new you have introduced to your body up to two weeks before breaking out. look at your diary for help.

(i know i am v. boring).

Barbara said...

You sound like a movie star when the camera's gone. LOL. Sorry about the rash thing - I hope you track the cause down. I have problems with eczema and sympathize with any skin issues!

Anonymous said...

ick. I hate when I get a rash and one does feel so dopey with the meds but they do help some. I have eczema and seem to have long periods of being fine and then it's itchy scalp and ears again. hope you clear up soon and find the culprit that is causing it.