Sunday, February 1, 2009

bag picture

Seeing as I can post photos - oh the luxury!!

Some bags!

Taken at the B+B we were at recently.
The one on the left is a bag design by Joanne Figueroa - and strangly enough so is the fabric, it is Dandelion Girl by Moda. That was pretty strange! I did change the pattern a bit, I did not fasten the handles to the outside of the bag, and did not bind the top, I top stitched to lining and the outer together. I love those colours.
The one on the right is my pairaie point bag. It is a lovely bag, with a great fabric, I just love the feel of the cotton, the softness is so appealing.


Anonymous said...

OMG...this is too funny. It sounds exactly like where I'd end up. I'm usually fine with everything if it's clean and the bed is good to sleep in.

Did they feed least?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these bags. You are so talented girl. I bet you sell tons of these. Be sure to keep some for yourself. How are you liking your new sewing machine?

I'm currently sewing up some new shower curtains and curtains that match for covering the spot where I keep our laundry hamper. Bright colors to give it a look spring. It'll help with my winter blahs...