Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have been at home the last two days with contractors fitting a bulkhead ceiling to the lounge and the kitchen. We have also had a door fitted between the kitchen and the lounge area. I had open plan before in my own house, so I knew I did not want it again. But that was what Ian wanted. And as we know (smile), what the man of the house wants, he gets!

Anyway they have been extremely noisy, drills, hammers, voices and suchlike – I am feeling overwhelmed by it all. It looks like they will not finish today, so they will be back next week as well. I didn’t mention how many times they flush the loo, I cannot count how many times!!

I have been sewing and staying out of their way entirely, I have done ironing upstairs, a first for me!

But I am feeling like I am imprisoned, as I cannot leave to have a small respite from the noise, and I cannot even close my room door, as then who knows what mischief may occur? But, I am looking forward to the finished item. I think next time Ian must stay home – giggle!


MarmiteToasty said...

Just think how wonderful it will all be when its finished :) - all the hassle will of been so worth it....


Anonymous said...

Mostly Kevin has done our remodeling work himself so I haven't had to have too many strangers working in my home. Thank Gosh...I am never comfortable with strangers (especially menfolk)being in my home. Hopefully they will be done soon and you can sit back and enjoy their work.