Thursday, February 12, 2009

another scan

We went yesterday for a follow up scan. Tim last time around was not co-operating and would not let the Dr see his arms and face. So we wait - yes, again (!) then see the Dr, who shows us Tim, being utterly otherwise and hiding his one arm, lying on the other and turning his face away. Hmm, some little lad has attitude!!

The Dr told Coralie to come back next week and drink some Coke before she arrives. Poor Tim, he has had no caffine at all, it will be a shock to his system!


mainely stitching said...

That's too funny - I've never heard a doctor tell a pregnant woman to drink caffiene before! Hope the wee one will cooperate next time!

Anonymous said...

Tim will love coke. It's far better than pepsi. Nice and sweet. Omg...what a little stubborn boy.
Is he part German?

Happy belated Birthday young pup you. I hope you did something special to celebrate.

Love, J-