Thursday, February 26, 2009

quickie post

Just a few words before I rush off again on my missions!

Tomorrow, Friday I go to Coralie’s to finish off her packing. She is now 30 weeks pregnant and is getting tired. She has the packing to do and Henk has the un-packing to do, and does he have a lot to say about that!!

Coralie moves in on Saturday, Henk flies in on Saturday, Henk flies out on Sunday with the cat.

Today I have been for a 3D4 scan with Coralie (awesome, Tim pulls faces)!, picked up boxes for her move, and bought a carrycot –oops, Moses basket – and some cot sheets. We figured out it would be a better idea to have a carrycot than a camping cot, as she has a full size cot, and would only use it here.

More baby washing has been done, this child has a wardrobe, people!! I wonder if he will use anyone thing twice. Yes, he has been utterly spoilt. When his wardrobe is filled with clean washing I will take a photo. Even Coralie says he has more clothes than she!

It looks as if Tim has dropped, yup, since the weekend. There is a space under Coralie’s boobs that was not there on Saturday.

Gotta go! Have to change sheets in the spare room and continue quilting Tim’s quilt, which Coralie and I think is great, and the men think is blah!!

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mainely stitching said...

I'll trust the opinions of yourself and Coralie regarding the quilt! Men ... ha! What do they know? LOL.

An envelope with two charts FINALLY went out to you today. Long story, but hopefully late is better than never. Sounds like you're way too busy for cross stitching anyway! LOL!!