Monday, February 16, 2009

Ta Muchly :P

I had a great day yesterday – I spent it with Coralie, at her place. She is half packed up, she is doing a great job, she has the spare room nearly covered with cardboard boxes that are FULL! I did some jumping on kitchen counters, and getting that stuff down that was too high and too dangerous for her to reach. We also went shopping; I bought a mattress for the cot; that stays with Coralie, as that is going to Cape Town directly. I bought one of those curved mattresses – like a changing one, that will stay at my place. The push chair (oh, excuse me – stroller)! is going to Cape Town, and the car seat will go into Coralie’s car so it will be out of the way so to speak.

Has anyone else noticed how they have all the same equipment, but they have different names nowadays? Moses basket, used to be a carry cot!! Stroller, used to be a push chair. Pacifier – used to be a dummy. Why change what was not broken?

Anyway it was fun ‘bothering’ the assistant with enquiries of things I wanted, and he not knowing what it was – that is the fun of having one ‘grandchild’ already and seeing some equipment, but not bothering to ask ‘WTF is that called?’ Plus the comment from Coralie – ‘I haven’t a clue what you are asking for!’ Too funny.

BTW the thing I wanted is some wedges that you place next to the baby to stop him rolling around – see, I have no idea what they are called!

The reason I was with Coralie all day was that Ian was working, but the hours were extended and extended to past 18h00! So I stayed on and got back home in time to plan and have supper mostly ready. Yes, some times I CAN cook!"


mainely stitching said...

It sounds like so much fun to do this sort of shopping with one's mom! I envy Coralie!!

Anonymous said...

It's even crazier for us in America because the names you are used to for these items ar not the names we use. It has always been a baby stroller or a baby carriage never a push chair. The pacifier is a Nuk or a Binky. The carry cot -aka- moses chair is simply a baby seat or carrier. And the wedges are probably what we call bumper pads.

Nice to have a fun day shopping for things isn't it? Libby and I used to have a thrill finding little things.