Sunday, February 8, 2009

family stuff - Coralie

Coralie is to stay with us from the end of the month. Henk her partner is already transfered to Cape Town and she will follow after Tim has been born. She has given notice on her flat and will pack up all her goods in the next few weeks.

I am pleased she will be close to me in these last few months of her pregnancy. She will only be working for another month, and then she will be on maternity leave.

She has booked a 4d scan of Tim, and I will be going along with her. It is on the 26th Feb, a long time for me to wait!

I will show a photo of her soon, she is looking really 'swell'!


mainely stitching said...

So glad for you and for Coralie that she can stay with you through the end of her pregnancy. I missed my mom so much when I was pregnant with Max, and then she managed to come over for the last week or so of it, and was actually there when he was born. :D Wishing you two lots of wonderful times together!!

Anonymous said...

Great time for you and Coralie. Get lots of breaks from each other when you can. Hormones will be running wild for a bit. How far is Cape Town from where you live? so nice that she can be with you...especially for her first pregnancy...and great that you get to comfort and share this special time with her.

Just don't tell her she's as big as a barn. Libby broke into tears when her sisters teased her and then I had to spend hours telling her what a truly cute barn she was. LMAO

Ah, my friend, fun times are ahead for you.