Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Update, as I was at my car, ready to leave. Jan, my manager, approached me and said he was just about to open the pub. So a very pleasant 4 hours later, I left!

I have been for the interview. It was a bit odd as they advertised for a production planner / buyer, and the interview was for a buyer. The people were really sweet and as we were chatting, they admitted they had a possible position which they would have to still iron out the intricacies of. So I was even given a short tour of the area in which they need a person, and it looks pretty good. They still want me to go back on Friday to do a psychometric test, which is a good sign.

So, it looks favourable! And is closer to home by a few kms! It is actually 5kms further than Sean’s work.

30 degrees C here today!

(dad and mum, I haven't forgotten you, I scheduled a post for you, but it has not yet been published - look out for it - the time was a bit of a thumbsuck and I got it wrong)!


Barbara said...

Fingers and toes crossed, Coral. It certainly sounds promising!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job interview - hope your test etc goes well today! :D

Anonymous said...

Good...I'm glad the pub was opened and it made for happier departure. Now it must not feel as if those working years were for naught.

What kind of a test is that? Sounds greek to me. Guess you know I wouldn't get the job. (S)

Good luck kiddo.