Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I know; lost in action again!

I went to the Massage Therapist this morning – what a lovely massage, and my back really feels much better. I think I may go back again next week, Wednesday to really iron out the last few kinks. (Although I smell like a chip pan to me, and my hair – oily mess)!

I have so little to do on the ‘Dreaded Pumpkins’ that I may be finished today – yay – I will really be thrilled to finish up that – all that orange!! Then I will quilt it up to make the hanger for Halloween – this is over a year in the creation!!

I also popped into UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) this am, they had a system failure as I got to the counter – never mind; I have all the info of what I need to take with me, and now I know where they are situated.

I picked up my driver’s licence as well.

After that I went to the bookstore to see if they had the ‘Sign Language for Babies’. Apparently babies can learn sign language long before they can even try to speak, so the girls and I are interested in the book. I have ordered 3 copies!

Back to my stitching…….

Oops, I appear to have ANOTHER computer virus – sigh!! Avast is obviously feeling tired.


Barbara said...

Sign language. Wow, that's cool - I had no idea!

Anonymous said...

Our little Henry has trouble speaking and is working with two speech therapist who are teaching him sign language and teaching his parents also. He has been using his own brand of sign lanuage since he was very it does work and it is true that they all start that way.

When one is around him for awhile we recognize what his hands are saying to us and with the help from his teachers he is getting more words out too. He's smater then a whip he just has a problem saying the words.

My niece and her two babe's use sign language too and to my knowledge neither of my grand-nieces have a speech problem. They just communicated with their fingers first.

Pretty cool when one thinks about it. The teachers and I agree that Henry and Jordan are indigo kids. Look it up on the's happening more each day with this new generation.

A massage...oh you lucky, lucky gal. I so love a good massage.

You must be so glad to be done with those year long Pumpkins and with orange. On to new and better colors. (S)