Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy dance - yay!

Yay!! I have finished my ‘Dreaded Pumpkins’!! at 13h27!!!

It is not perfect – in fact is probably the most imperfect cross stitches I have ever done – it was one of those – one stitch out here – and at the end worked out to be 3 stitches out – oh, dear. But as it is to be only used once a year at Halloween, I am not too upset!

I will be quilting it up today – and you can see it tomorrow!

I went shopping with Coralie yesterday after she left work – she has got too big for her clothes already (the same as I was when I got pregnant with her). She had to buy new bras and two pairs of trousers, and we saw some lovely tops, which she also bought. When she tried on the one pair of trousers she said she didn’t want to put back on her own pair – she must have been really uncomfortable.

The lady in the bra department asked how far she was, and when we answered about 2 months advised Coralie to buy two now, she will be back soon enough for another few pairs. If she has grown so much already, she will need more soon.

Coralie was so grateful that I went with her, it was so sweet!


susanm said...

So glad that your pumpkins are now completed, but you must show me how you are going to complete this x stitch. Take care and hugs. Great to make things for grandchildren. hehehehe

Barbara said...

You finished it! Hip, hip, hooray! :D

I'm happy for both you and Coralie that you could go shopping together. I really missed sharing stuff like that with my mom.

Aussie Stitcher said...

It looks great Coral, congratulations on the finish. It must have been great to go shopping with Coralie.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, your pumpkins look awesome! :D Sounds like a lovely day out with you and Coralie :D

Anonymous said...

Libby and I had a blast while she was pregnant. Some of the most fun was shopping for baby furniture and baby clothes. She was given a very lovely baby shower (with Jordan) from the aunts on her Dad's side of the family and she recieved so many lovely gifts and had such a fun being Mommy of the day...with Henry her sisters gave her a baby-shower and she rec'd even more nice gifts and what with the stuff that was passed down from Jordan Henry was well taken care of.

Her pregnancies were some of the most fun times we had together and it sounds as if you and Coralie are in the thick of good times too.


kind of cute how the word verificatin for this comment is (squrt) sounds like (squirt) as in Coralie is preggers with a little squirt. I've taken notice lately that almost all of the word verifications have sounded as if they fit the comments. Eerie, eh?