Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stuff not to focus on today

Cecily asked what we are not wanting to focus on today:

Luke Watson has most probably Tourette’s syndrome, he has to be slightly insane. Anything to get his name in the newspapers or on the radio news. Saying you want to puke on the Springbok rugby shirt does not endear you to anyone, the idea is appalling.

Just because you are a receptionist is does not mean you can sit all day on the phone to your pals.

You and I are both contracting for this company, the fact you spent most of today chatting to the receptionist does not constitute work, and if I was you I would be embarrassed to bill for the time.

The fact I do not really have a job, and I am slightly (understatement) panicked about that.

How I will have to start quilting my little heart out if I am to get my supplies ready for the next Bunny Park ‘craft market’.

How I am nervous that said quilts will not appeal to the public and not sell.

Sean and I have decided that we will buy a little car and sell it on for profit – but we have to get the money together first to purchase said car. We can possibly make up to ten thousand rand on it – split half / half will be okay.

How although I have asked, I have not been given the detail for my medical aid – and I have to pay it.

Just general stuff I do not want to focus on.

This will be edited by the weekend to protect those who may be hurt….


Barbara said...

It sounds like things are a little stressful - is that so? I hope you're doing okay. I'm sorry about the medical bills. :(

susanm said...

Thinking of you!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your new spot...Now Ican check on you all the time again.

Clever idea...that not focusing thing. I should have one of these little lists...except for knowing me I would focus on them more if I actually put them in print. (S)

Maybe I will do a list of things to be thankful for instead.