Monday, October 6, 2008

weekend news

A quick post – Coralie popped over yesterday and was talking about someone she knew who had had a brain enema – we all just stared at her. She then said ‘Oh, I mean a brain aneurysm’ – we did laugh! Some people lose their minds when they are pregnant.

Coralie brought around her baby names book and asked us to give her some of our favourtie names for babies. I think that is really thoughtful, even if she does not use them at least she is showing that she has an open mind.

I made a quick baby blanket for Coralie yesterday – cotton top and backed with fleece – that fleece shifts around – a bit more nightmarish than I ever expected! It looks great though.

My nephew in Aus has got engaged to Amber – congratulations to you both!


Sister Mary Lisa said...

M has been silent to me as well, answering no emails or anything. Her husband emailed me once and said she's OK but that's all he said. Ugh.

I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...I have known many people who have had a brain enema...they must have by what come spewing from their mouth...
Maybe the poor pregnant Coralie was having a reaction to a brain enema herself...this is all meant in good humor but don't tell her when she is preggers she may burst into a puddle of tears. I cried at the drop of a pin or at my persception on a pin being dropped when I was pregnant.

Hormones bouncing around any which way they chose to.