Thursday, October 16, 2008

more waffle - no cream!

I have been so busy this week, I have been working except for Wednesday and I was so busy yesterday – my lists just get longer and longer.

Sean’s car has been written off, he has bought another one, and it may be delivered today. He is very happy and photos will follow, for this I am sure he will not give me the ‘Death Eater’ stare!

I have been very lucky in that Ian has said he will buy me a Bernina Sewing machine – the 92C – any comments before he purchases it for me – are you happy with your Bernina and is there anything you would change? E.g. model?

They will give me a trade in on my old machine if I buy from the more expensive range. But I think that would be naughty of me to expect Ian to pay ten thousand rand plus for a sewing machine!

I met up with my ex’s cousin yesterday – we had such a laugh discussing the past and what her perceptions were of the situations as she was a bit younger than I and had a different view of what was going on. Debby’s sons are really lovely – her youngest at 13 is adorable!! He is so affectionate to his mom; it is very cute.

We are to meet up on Monday again as my ex-SIL, Mary is coming through to visit. Mary is very excited about Coralie being pregnant.

I cannot get into my gmail account so I cannot thank you all personally for you kind words and comments over my Pumpkins. Thank you all I am really touched at your kind sentiments.


susanm said...

I just love the Bernina range and would love to have a large one for Christmas, jeah dream on. You are so lucky to be getting one. I have the small Nina for years and it is just great. My daughter also wants to get herself a Bernina but not yet sure which one. My best friend also has had one for 20 years and it is still just as new and she uses it much more than what I do.

Leandre said...

I like catching up with how things are going. Congrats on Coralies pregnancy and ask her to please drop me a email.
I had my son on the 24th of September, so would be nice to chat to her.
Babies are always exciting :) congrats agai granny.

Barbara said...

You've been working? Did I miss the announcement that you got the job you'd interviewed for?? Oh boy! :D

Anonymous said...

Go for broke and do not be afraid to barter with them. Sometimes you end up with a great deal that you didn't think you would get.

They are lovely machines especialy for someone who has the talent that you do. Heck you could start up your own cottage industry and make the money spent on a good machine back in quick time.

It's neat seeing old in-laws after the heat is off, eh?