Tuesday, September 30, 2008

me last day here officially

I am going to leave work just now as my last day is finished.

Not a tipple to be seen, I did say we must open the pub to say goodbye, but it doesn’t appear to be happening. All I want is acknowledgement for the five and a half years I have been here.

Stuff them too!

Jabu left, I didn’t even know he was going – so no farewell for him.

Sonja left – the same – she just walked out on her last day.

I will be back next week, Monday and Tuesday unless otherwise canceled.

Things are a total mess here – a stock take was not performed, I did not even know about it, and the superintendents were supposedly informed. Hmm, things are falling apart in a big way.

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Anonymous said...

A sad way to end 5 and a half years. especially when so much of one's life is spent in the work place.