Friday, October 3, 2008


I went for the psychometric test today – I arrived at 9h30, the test started at ten, and went on until 15h00! I left at 15h45. We were not told how long they will take – and when we asked the HR manager she said about 4 hours – huh, she canna count!!

I am tired and pretty well ‘ finished’.

There was even Rorschach tests – I have never done those before (yes, yes, it looks like a male body part – don’t they all?)!!

I am mildly panicked that none of the things on my list have been done – fortunately Coralie and Henk have cancelled supper – Coralie is ill with morning sickness again. Poor kid!! I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow to catch up.

Anyway the tests showed what I thought already – I am brilliant and I have a lacking in communication skills. Plus I am handling some stress in my life really well; it is well hidden.

Gah, off to deal with my stress, which I cannot communicate!!


Anne S said...

Sorry to hear you're stressed out chickadee - scream out if you want to vent :)

Sounds like you did well with the psychometric testing ... fingers and toes crossed for you :)

Anonymous said...

You should have let them profile your seem to communicate very well on here. At least they can see you are brilliant. For me they would think crazy. (LMAO)And there would be some truth to it. Oh and now I see what you are calling a psychmetric test. Here we usually call in a phych work-up or a psych battery.