Friday, October 24, 2008

stuff, and stuff

Yesterday I went to massage therapy for my back and went then straight into the Chiropractor. I was absolutely wiped out by it, I even had a snooze on the couch before going through to the Linksfield hospital to see a scan of Coralie’s baby – it was awesome. He or she was squirming around and really did some great movements. It was such a joy to see. At one point a little foot was up in the air and was quite obvious. He has a lovely little face and Coralie and Henk both now have a photo of their baby. No, we do not know the sex yet. Coralie is now 11 weeks and 3 days! He has been measured and checked out and is quite gorgeous!

I pick up my new sewing machine tomorrow; I had to phone them, (typical) to find out if it had arrived. I have bought some fabric to make some mini quilts to sell at a flea market; it is tomorrow, at the Bunny Park. So I have to go there to make contact and see how much it is to take a table. That will give me a month to get organised.

Sean’s car is a dream, he is very pleased with it. He bought us pizza for supper last night, and asked if I wanted to drive it, but it was dusk, I was a bit nervous, so said no.

Coralie has a Subaru, Henk went back to test drive another Subaru, and they are selling the MG trade in for half the price that they bought it from C+H, so they went back and bought it back! Don’t ask; I cannot see the sense in it. Henk has not a working car at the moment, his Opal he drove for about 20 kms then it broke down, I said he should have taken it back and dumped it at the dealer, but he has kept it. He will fix it up and sell it on. So his reasoning for buying the MG was that with them only having one car, Coralie was using that amount of money on petrol fetching and carrying him anyway.


Barbara said...

Sounds wonderfully busy in your life, Coral. So glad all's going well with Coralie's wee traveller!

MarmiteToasty said...

So this is where you are hiding out :)