Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more waffle about my life

A very busy few moments in my life since I last typed an epistle.

In short.

Wednesday I met up with my ex’s cousin, Debby. Lots of laughter there.

On Saturday I was treated to my present of a Bernina sewing machine, it gets picked up this week – I am still so excited about that!

Sunday Mary came to visit and stayed the night. Hilarity ensued!

The kids were there, as they love Mary. Mary has told Coralie that she is to buy all the baby’s kit until he / she is 6 months old – Coralie and I were astounded! And we are so grateful.

Monday we went to Debby’s mom, Pat’s 70th birthday lunch – we had such fun. So there was Patti, Debby, Mandy, Mary and myself. Coralie and Henk joined us.

On the downside Henk was hijacked in a Volvo truck on Friday. The stupid truck had broken down, on a test drive, and ‘they’ wanted to steal it! How ridiculous!

Anyway after smacking him with a pistol and breaking his nose and him having to have stitches, Henk is once again back and forth to the hospital for scans etc.

Poor Henk, if anyone is to have stitches, it will be him.


Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that Henk has a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

good luck to Henk...wow, dammed scary. Sounds as if mostly your news is good news though so that is great.

And it sounds like fun was had by all before that happened to Henk.

wishing him a quick recovery. Did they catch the hi-jackers?