Tuesday, November 4, 2008

when you order waffle, don't get the cream, it is usually that nasty stuff out of a can!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have been so terribly busy and my computer is still in the ‘hospital’.

I have been exhausting myself quilting and working. That’s all.

When anything exciting happens I will let you all know.


Barbara said...

Oh, I hate canned whipped cream!! Ugh!

It's great to hear from you - though I'm sorry you've been so very busy.

jolie-jordan said...

I'm doing last minute quilt stitching for the grandsons for Christmas and I'm chiding myself for not starting sooner. Tired fingers...good luck girl. I hope you make oodles of money on the selling of your quilts. You are certainly a talented quilter.


jolie-jordan said...

Oh and I love honey on my waffles.
And I do love me some waffles. Even the little store boughten "eggos" will do in a pinch.

My fave is a Pannekoeken..."German oven baked pancakes" they taste like pop-overs which I could eat everyday. I usually make Pannekoeken for holiday breakfast and I whip my own cream. I'll be putting a few recipes up on my blog soon so I think I'll add it to the list.

Heck...between the pizza talk in your other post and now this I am salvating. Now I must go get a bite to eat. (S)

xxx Jolie