Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello everyone!

We had a great time in Cape Town. And I saw whales for the first time! It was great spending time with Nicole. We stayed at a hotel directly next to the Canal Walk shopping mall – a brilliant location. The weather was a lot warmer than the weather service gave us – and on Monday I landed up buying myself a tee shirt as I was so warm. I will post some more photos later in the week, tomorrow possibly.

And since I have returned found Spyware on my computer at home – I have spent money and time trying to resolve this problem, and I am feeling that I am wasting my time!! Considering I have only used the 3g card for about one hour I am miffed!

Does anyone know how to permanently remove Antispyware2008 and System Antivirus 2008?

Quick update otherwise:

Family; well. Coralie has such bad morning sickness she admits to being very sorry for herself! Sean’s car was rear ended on Thursday last, he is not impressed! It looks like a write off to me, although is currently drivable.

Dog; well (missed us though)

My car; Sean had to change the brakes whilst we were away. That was unexpected.

Job front; nothing upcoming, it looks like I will be temping for a while.

Ian; fantastic!

I am afraid that I am totally disorientated since coming home. And I wish I was still on holiday! Yup, it was that good, even though the air show made me so stiff, it was so big and I must have walked at least ten kilometres. I have bad shin splints!! Maybe tomorrow I will be over the stiffness, yes it was that bad!!


Barbara said...

OMG - Ian's okay isn't he?

Poor Coralie. I do sympathize!!!

Take care!! And thanks for emailing me! :D

Nicole said...

Was great to spend time with you too! Hopefully youre not still stiff though...I was a bit stiff from the Cape Point trek on Sunday!

Love to Ian and Sean!

Love me xxx

Anonymous said...

Life is like a peach ...very tasty but messy when you begin to peel it. What would we do if we didn't get the bad mixed in with the good. Tell Coralie that morning sickness generally does pass but the hormones still rage so she may have many moments in the next few months having some pity parties. I sure had my share during pregnancies. Tears galore...I was such the big baby.