Friday, September 26, 2008

Cape Town, day 2 - Airshow

This plane (Boeing 737-300) Ian worked on with the conversion to a cargo plane.

There's a plane, and some little ones - no I haven't the foggiest!

They go so fast you cannot take a decent photo!!

Our second day (Saturday the 20th September) in Cape Town was at the air show. The air show was about 4 kms from the hotel, so we ‘parked and walked’. We walked about 2 kms to the air show, then of course there was the air show itself to walk through. The air show was at Ysterplaat, and was (naturally) very long – the old runway, you see!

So of course we walked towards the main hangers that had mostly Russian missiles etc in them (yawn).

We encountered mud on the way – lots of mud. I stepped into a mud puddle – which I thought was mud, but it was mostly water, to have my shoes leak!! I had on ankle boots. We went back to the dry bit by walking down the road.

The aircraft were amazing – some ‘world firsts’ were shown, including two helicopters, an SA and a Russian one doing manoeuvres. My photos came out pretty badly.

Nicole met up with us, then met a friend. I walked the road back to the food stalls with Nicole, and on the way back hitched a ride with policemen.

We were there most of the day, and I realised I had got pretty wind burnt. Very pretty!! And let’s not mention how stiff I was from all the walking!

We had a few beers at the bar in the hotel, and then went to the mall to have supper. It was most delicious. Thanks to Nicole’s recommendation.


Barbara said...

I can't claim to be much of a fan of airshows, but this sounds like it was quite an outing!

Anonymous said...

I love aeroplanes and have bee hauled to many airshows. It still doesn't make since to me that they stay up in the air.

I wish I could be an ACE in the sky. Sounds like a fun by tiring would be too much walking for me what with my bad knees.