Tuesday, September 2, 2008

me life carries on

Hi everyone, I have had a pretty eventful few days, but I have done some stitching, so it hasn’t been all rush.

Yesterday I went to visit a company, which is affiliated to ours in a tenuous manner – oh, okay, the Ceo’s girlfriends business, who needs an admin person to help out for a while. I traveled 53 kms to her, it took one and a half hours. I finally get there, having had no coffee yet, and having had no breakfast to be told that I am not needed as she has employed G as her receptionist / admin person and that she has meetings all day and that she will not even be there.

I had a cup of coffee, a wee break and left. Needless to say infuriated.

I had emailed her last week and she had not read her mail. Sigh.

I got home at eleven o’clock and continued to do some washing and mopping and vacuuming, as you would!

I am working only two days a week at this company until the end of September. There after, who knows?

So, my communication with you all will be sporadic to say the least. – I am not too happy about that!
I will be suffering from discomgoogolation very soon, no doubt!


Barbara said...

Oh, that sort of thing is absolutely maddening!! And with petrol prices the way they are, too!!

Thinking of you, and have my fingers crossed that the perfect job will reveal itself to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Very rude and not at all professional of her. You are probably very lucky she did not hire you if for no other reason then avoiding the long drive.

Good luck on the job search kiddo.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you.