Monday, September 15, 2008

bit of an update!

My days off have been quite exciting this last week.

Thursday morning early I went to the MTN shop to get a 3g card. I really cannot send my CV by running up and down the road to the shopping centre. I had to wait a day for the process to be completed.

Friday Ian and I went shopping for another table lamp for the lounge and whilst we were out there was a Tata car display. Ian looked it over and declared it absolute rubbish. The first thing I saw was the front wing does not fit properly on the chassis. Not a good sign, Ian picked up rust on a brand new car!!

Anyway after the shopping we went past my favourite sign of the moment:

We went for lunch and got home too late. I forgot washing on the line (bath mats, and a baby quilt of Coralie’s that I washed for her). I forgot the dog’s food and my eye drops, not to mention some dreadful cream the Dr has prescribed to clear up the weird patch on my nose – yup in the same place.

Saturday I picked up my 3g card. So I am ‘connected’ Thank heavens, but I will not be too active as I have to stay in my limits!

I went to a Quilting Show in Alberton – it was fantastic, Glenda and I went together and we had a great time. After a total sensory overload we had to leave it was too much at one time to take in! I was so good and went to the shops and only bought two pieces of fabric, both a baby print to make baby quilts with – that will be quicker than cross stitching a large picture!

Sunday Coralie came to visit and we had a lovely time together. She is so excited about the baby – and funnily enough her face has that ‘pregnant’ look already. Henk looks like he is really excited too. Which is great!

Apparently Coralie’s dad phoned her and upset her enough to make her cry, as he does not approve of her having a baby. For heaven’s sake, she is 27, and it is her life – why dampen everyone else’s excitement with his useless (and unhelpful) opinion – please remember that he is the guy who currently has a 2 year old, and he is 49!! Um, who is making a mistake here? I told her to put the phone down on him. But she won’t!

Anyway Sean is of the opinion that his dad is too old to be a father and too young to be a grandfather. And the rest – meanie!!

(can anyone give me a tip on how to get the photos in the right place)?


Anna van Schurman said...

27! She's practically OLD for childbearing. ;) And much older than 20 that her father was. ;) Goodness. Since I have 40+ friends who are just having kids, I'm reserving other judgments.

Anyway, when you upload your photos there is a little section that says "choose a layout." If you want to have the photos next to the text choose left or right. If you want to move the photos around choose "none." Then you can just click on them and move them around a paragraph at a time. Does that make sense?

Shadane said...

hugs! looks liek u had a wonderful time :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

I was 27 when I had Luke, the perfect age IMO HEHE!! It is great to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Get photos of the kids. They do look very happy. There is always a spoiler in the bunch, eh? Too bad it's her dad...even if one knows they are being unfair or wrong it still hurts when a parent shows diaapproval...especially when it is at something so precious. Maybe the jerk will come around. if not she has the rest of you to share in her good news and her joy.

Only 2 pieces of fabric. How the heck did you manage to do that. It never happens with me and I have an entire closet of fabric to prove it. My King finally put his number 10 down and said no more till I use up what I have. I guess I'd best get busy because I miss my favorite fabric shop.