Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cape Town - Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

The next few days I am going to post pictures of Cape Town, in some sort of order! Look forward to a ‘trip’ around the Cape! This days pictures are from the V&A Waterfront - it was pretty, but it wasn't as 'special' as I thought it would be. We did land up in a great little pub with non South African Breweries beers - it was really cosy. This was on Friday 19 th October - the weather was a bit nippy - so the pub was the best idea.
(Sorry about the underlining, I cannot remove it).

This seal remined me of Patch - in a slump, having a sleep!

A Marimba Band, they were playing Glen Miller's In the Mood - it sounded really good!

Clock Tower

Victoria Wharf

Two cute little fishing boats

HMS Liverpool, in Cape Town - that amused me. I came from England, to Cape Town and land up with an English ship in Africa. It actually looks like it stays here permanently - a bit like me!

I am going for an interview on Wednesday 1st October.
Update on that will follow on Wednesday – keep holding your thumbs for me!


Barbara said...

Oh Coral, I enjoyed this SO much. I love it. It looks so different than I ever expected!

And, how about that interview????

Anonymous said...

Great shots...thanks for sharing them. Looks like a quaint port village off the coast of Maine.