Monday, September 29, 2008

end of the Cape Town sagas!!

We went onto Cape of Good Hope which had a lot of kelp on the beach due to the huge storm last week. We saw Sponge Bob!!!

Sponge Bob!

(a clue to Nicole and my sense of humour – her: ‘Lots of kelp from the storm’
‘Kelp, klep, kleptomania – the need to collect kelp.’ Giggles – really silly stuff)!

Anyway from there we returned to the hotel for a few beers, then back to the mall, and had sushi for supper – now that was divine!! My fav? A California roll with mayonnaise and caviar. Oh, yeah!!

Pictures of the hotel garden follow and the ‘breakfast room’ plus pics of the canal – the walk to the mall – really picturesque!

I hope not too many of you have been bored with my adventures in the Cape! It was such a joy for me. Thanks of course to Nicole and Ian.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! I mean it...what a truly lovely place. What a truly lovey holiday for you. We don't have nothing like it in Minnesota. Especially not those trees.

XXx Jolie