Thursday, July 30, 2009

more stuff.......

Happy Birthday Coralie - 28 - you deserve all you want and more this year.

Tim was in the hospital yesterday, they were discussing mortality rates with Coralie and Henk. Not good.

Tim is on pills to bring down a swelling / growth under his arm, if it does not go down they will operate to remove it, no biopsy.

He has the bone marrow taken to check his tissue type, it will take 6 weeks to have the results. Then to see if there is a match.

I have a headache of note, like a migraine crossed with a hangover – how lovely. And as I cried – howled – myself to sleep last night, I look divine this morning. I have red eyes, puffy eyes and I haven’t put on any make up whatsoever, so I look revolting. Please don’t come to visit!

Ian has been wonderful, and do keep in mind he has just had surgery himself, so is not feeling 100%. So he gets an award from me.

Sean’s fingers are healing, he is to go to the surgeon for his post op visit today, we will see how that goes later.

Geyser replaced; Monday.

I fly out tomorrow at some insanely early hour to CT, wish me luck that the plane leaves on time, as Tim is not supposed to be in crowded areas. (Germs). I will sleep on the plane, it is so boring I give myself neck jerks falling asleep and jerking awake all the time.

I don’t want to leave my two guys here – literally in stitches, but I paid for this flight in January – AGES ago!

But I will see my other loved ones.

I will be back at work on Monday, chat then?

Just had a text message, my flight has been cancelled and now I leave even earlier! 6.05am!! Gross!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

wasted weekend

Although Ian did not work, it was a waste. He did a lot of work around the house on Sat, painted the two walls, and just kept on going like the battery bunny. But the afternoon was a bust - motor racing on TV, and that is not my fav, I am starting to get pretty intolerant of it, actually.

And guess what was on TV on Sunday? Motor racing. Admitted we would have gone out for lunch, but the stupid geyser has broken, this will be the third geyser in this house so far. The first one was not the one we ordered, and after about 18 months was changed, then the thermostat on that one went, and now, the geyser. So, let's hope no. 3 is the one, the keeper!

Last week was pretty 'exciting' - shit I am so sick of exciting. Wed, me, mammogram - results fine. Wed, Sean, accident at work, two crushed pinkies, 6 stitches and lots of blood. Wed, Ian, Dr - a surgeon actually to have a growth on his 'pip' (head) removed (this scheduled for Tues 28th). Thursday, Sean hospital to have crushed tendon fixed and a pin inserted in the tip of the finger.

I went to the hospital and almost finished some stitching, Saturday it was quilted up to make another wall hanging for the guest loo - it is STILL echoey in there! You can hear every movement. Yeah picture later, the batteries are out of the camera, for some reason.

Remember the 'Trip around the World' wall quilt I finished? It is at the shop, they asked could they borrow it!

Anyway too much excitement all at once. Need a lie down - ha, like I am going to get one!

Quote of the week 'mom can you help me?' 'of course' ' can you put some hair gel in for me' ' sure'
'mom, you doing it like a girl!'

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cold, cold...

I am so cold, and I cannot work out why. I have a vest, a thickish top on, a body warmer and a thick tracksuit zip up on, and I am cold. On the bottom I have thick sox, clogs, and (don't tell anyone), leg warmers on under my jeans. My hands are fozen, my legs are cold, and my feet, cold.

Next stop hot water bottles and blankets, but I am at work, do you think that will go down well? Start a new fashion trend?

The thing is, it is lovely outside (probably 18 degrees C); this office however is under the factory roof, so it is chilly. The others have gas heaters, and I do not as the one near me is broken.

Good thing I do not have to work tomorrow.

But I have a mammogram sheduled for tomorrow - yuck!

Please send positive thoughts to Katie, she and her husband have Swine Flu.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I feel like I am waiting...

I feel like I am just waiting for news all the time.

Timothy is doing well according to a long phone call this morning. He has some new Panado pain killer, apparently this one tastes better, it is called 'Strawberry Milkshake' and T thinks this is more acceptable.

I go down on the 31 st July, I cannot wait to see my family in the Cape. I have already most of the stuff sorted to take with me.

For some reason I thought I was leaving this Friday morning, no, it is the next Friday morning! As Homer would say 'Doh!'.

Clearly I am not thinking straight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sorry I have not been around, work has had a server breakdown for the last 2 weeks and my internet connection has also gone in to hospital. Urgh.

I am pretty low, and I am to get some medication bumped up, I think it is time.....

I will be back and bouncing soon, I am sure.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My fab daughter and my fab grandson!

Okay, so here is the news.

Timothy has Juvenile Chronic Leukaemia.

He is to go back to his paed to have his platelets monitored and a check on his spleen size.

On the 29th July 2009 he is to go back to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital oncology department where he will be tissue typed and put on the national donors list for a match.

They are all positive regarding treatment; so let’s keep that vibe going.

Yeah, I feel a bit sucker punched right now.