Thursday, February 26, 2009

quickie post

Just a few words before I rush off again on my missions!

Tomorrow, Friday I go to Coralie’s to finish off her packing. She is now 30 weeks pregnant and is getting tired. She has the packing to do and Henk has the un-packing to do, and does he have a lot to say about that!!

Coralie moves in on Saturday, Henk flies in on Saturday, Henk flies out on Sunday with the cat.

Today I have been for a 3D4 scan with Coralie (awesome, Tim pulls faces)!, picked up boxes for her move, and bought a carrycot –oops, Moses basket – and some cot sheets. We figured out it would be a better idea to have a carrycot than a camping cot, as she has a full size cot, and would only use it here.

More baby washing has been done, this child has a wardrobe, people!! I wonder if he will use anyone thing twice. Yes, he has been utterly spoilt. When his wardrobe is filled with clean washing I will take a photo. Even Coralie says he has more clothes than she!

It looks as if Tim has dropped, yup, since the weekend. There is a space under Coralie’s boobs that was not there on Saturday.

Gotta go! Have to change sheets in the spare room and continue quilting Tim’s quilt, which Coralie and I think is great, and the men think is blah!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Post baby shower post - ha!!

We had Coralie’s baby shower on Saturday, and if you did not make it, you lost out on a great afternoon.

Coralie needs very little for Tim now, we made up a list on Sunday, she needs some silly bits and bobs. The biggest things she wants are a camp cot and a baby monitor.

I still wish I had enough money to buy the ‘room in a box’, though.

We took all the bigger stuff to Coralie’s place on Sunday and packed it to go to CT. Then took all the smaller sized stuff back to my house. We have a lot of washing to do.

Anyway, I have now managed to misplace the camera, so you cannot see the pictures!
When I find it….

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chiro, and not for me!

Whew what an exciting day yesterday!

Coralie phoned me about 12h00, she had bad backache and needed to be picked up – from work, about 60 kms from where I was working. So, off I trudge, no, not in a bad mood, I just had no idea how to get to her! So, I picked her up – only 2 u turns, and get her to a chiropractor. First we go to mine, and then we are recommended to move on to another, after we have phoned about 4 others for an appointment. We are phoned that a person has cancelled and my own chiro can take her. We get there, very fast, and now I can see Coralie is really taking strain.

The treatment was a bit strenuous and her neck really was stiff. She was hot and cold when he finished and she looked so pale and was panting to stop the nausea. Poor girl. I took her home and she eventually went to bed for about an hour. She stayed for supper and Sean ran her home.

Today, we do the journey in the opposite direction, to fetch her car. So, as soon as I am finished up at work that is the plan.

So, we have found out that chiro’s are in short supply, we are all in the wrong business!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ta Muchly :P

I had a great day yesterday – I spent it with Coralie, at her place. She is half packed up, she is doing a great job, she has the spare room nearly covered with cardboard boxes that are FULL! I did some jumping on kitchen counters, and getting that stuff down that was too high and too dangerous for her to reach. We also went shopping; I bought a mattress for the cot; that stays with Coralie, as that is going to Cape Town directly. I bought one of those curved mattresses – like a changing one, that will stay at my place. The push chair (oh, excuse me – stroller)! is going to Cape Town, and the car seat will go into Coralie’s car so it will be out of the way so to speak.

Has anyone else noticed how they have all the same equipment, but they have different names nowadays? Moses basket, used to be a carry cot!! Stroller, used to be a push chair. Pacifier – used to be a dummy. Why change what was not broken?

Anyway it was fun ‘bothering’ the assistant with enquiries of things I wanted, and he not knowing what it was – that is the fun of having one ‘grandchild’ already and seeing some equipment, but not bothering to ask ‘WTF is that called?’ Plus the comment from Coralie – ‘I haven’t a clue what you are asking for!’ Too funny.

BTW the thing I wanted is some wedges that you place next to the baby to stop him rolling around – see, I have no idea what they are called!

The reason I was with Coralie all day was that Ian was working, but the hours were extended and extended to past 18h00! So I stayed on and got back home in time to plan and have supper mostly ready. Yes, some times I CAN cook!"

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today will be a quieter day, the workmen have all gone and I am waiting for two people to do minimal touch ups. The one door needs a thingy (so technical, I am)!, those fasteners to the top to stop it opening, and the ceiling needs a small touch up with paint.

Must take a photo when things are back to normal - I hear you saying yeah, yeah, you said that before! But really, the bulkhead in the lounge is truly a work of art - it looks like a cinema. Okay, you will get it when I show you the photo.

So, here I am in my jammies, with a hair treatment on the head and a face mask on. A most unusual thing, I must say.

And feeling pretty punchy, as I had to take an anti-histamine last night. I feel like I have taken cold meds. I am dried out and swollen. I have a rash that started just above the collar bones, and is moving rapidly up and down. Coralie's Dr prescribed some anti-histamines, and a cream. He suggests it is an allergy. But to what? Soap, soap powder, softener? This could be fun - finding out what it is. In the meantime, excuse me whilst I scratch! (ugh, what a lovely picture that makes)!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

another scan

We went yesterday for a follow up scan. Tim last time around was not co-operating and would not let the Dr see his arms and face. So we wait - yes, again (!) then see the Dr, who shows us Tim, being utterly otherwise and hiding his one arm, lying on the other and turning his face away. Hmm, some little lad has attitude!!

The Dr told Coralie to come back next week and drink some Coke before she arrives. Poor Tim, he has had no caffine at all, it will be a shock to his system!

Monday, February 9, 2009

happy to me!

46 today!!

Wow, it does not seem possible!

family news - Sean

Remember Sean was to move in together with Terri, well that did not pan out. Amusingly enough although we were all pretty happy for them both, Sean could not get over his annoyance with her whining. They went on holiday together, and then when they came back had a bust up! Oh, dear! She wanted Sean to be running around and attending to her every need – not possible I am afraid. He wanted to still be available to see his friends, and she wanted to orchestrate that too.
So, Sean is single again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

family stuff - Coralie

Coralie is to stay with us from the end of the month. Henk her partner is already transfered to Cape Town and she will follow after Tim has been born. She has given notice on her flat and will pack up all her goods in the next few weeks.

I am pleased she will be close to me in these last few months of her pregnancy. She will only be working for another month, and then she will be on maternity leave.

She has booked a 4d scan of Tim, and I will be going along with her. It is on the 26th Feb, a long time for me to wait!

I will show a photo of her soon, she is looking really 'swell'!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have been at home the last two days with contractors fitting a bulkhead ceiling to the lounge and the kitchen. We have also had a door fitted between the kitchen and the lounge area. I had open plan before in my own house, so I knew I did not want it again. But that was what Ian wanted. And as we know (smile), what the man of the house wants, he gets!

Anyway they have been extremely noisy, drills, hammers, voices and suchlike – I am feeling overwhelmed by it all. It looks like they will not finish today, so they will be back next week as well. I didn’t mention how many times they flush the loo, I cannot count how many times!!

I have been sewing and staying out of their way entirely, I have done ironing upstairs, a first for me!

But I am feeling like I am imprisoned, as I cannot leave to have a small respite from the noise, and I cannot even close my room door, as then who knows what mischief may occur? But, I am looking forward to the finished item. I think next time Ian must stay home – giggle!

Friday, February 6, 2009

my bags;

My bags are coming along a treat, my last market was rained out, I left at about 10h00 as the rain just poured down. Next market 8 Feb!

I am enjoying not working, it is great to do my sewing and some housework, and other bits and bobs. Ian is on leave until the beginning of Feb, lucky lad!! He is actually getting quite relaxed, even sleeping late!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Patch the Dog!

Patch having a snooze!

Patch the dog is not doing so well, she has a really bad limp on one leg, and really has only one good leg at all. The arthritis is taking its toll on her. I feel I am not ready to let her go yet, but she has quietened down such a lot in the last few weeks. It is a hard decision to make, but one that has been coming for a while. I will let you know the updates when they happen, as first I will take her for a check up.

I have started giving her a quarter of a Mypr*dol twice a day – it has made such a difference!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

trying to post a picture!

Whilst we were in Mossel Bay (Mussel Bay) we spent a lot of time with Courtney. Her baby, Josh is lovely. He is very quiet and she is very lucky with him. We are going to have her to stay soon. She is booked to come away with us for Ian's 50th birthday in March - that will be fun. What do you think of Josh? (Yay, I can upload photos)!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when we were away

Whilst we were away we stayed at the most hilarious place. It was a 2 star B+B. When I walked in I was pretty amazed. There was plastic covering the entire table tops, on the dining room tables, the bedside tables etc.

Our room had a window, which if you moved the blinds has a view of a brick wall – really scenic – not!!

The bathroom had been added on, it was built out into the old porch that runs along the front of the building – the walls were so thin, and the floorboards had cracks in that if you were sat on the loo you could see parts of the verandah underneath.

The one bath mat nearly killed all of us at least twice; I eventually kicked it to one side. The floorboards were pretty highly polished and the angle your foot hit it made it skid off – it was dangerous!

The taps on the basin were set in the wrong way around, and the tiles had been tiled over – so two lots of tiles, and the taps set the wrong way around made it pretty difficult to use the taps.

The shower head was missing the sieve bit – so it was like army showers. And the head was set close to the wall – so to remove soap from my left armpit was a bit difficult.
It was dead funny. We could have moved, but we are like that, quirky does it for us!

Monday, February 2, 2009

slow computer

I have noticed my home computer is getting slower and slower, I think it needs to go into the ‘shop’!! A friend – oh, okay, it was Nicole, said I need to have more memory added. But is has had so little use made of it so far. It was a lot faster 2 months ago.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

bag picture

Seeing as I can post photos - oh the luxury!!

Some bags!

Taken at the B+B we were at recently.
The one on the left is a bag design by Joanne Figueroa - and strangly enough so is the fabric, it is Dandelion Girl by Moda. That was pretty strange! I did change the pattern a bit, I did not fasten the handles to the outside of the bag, and did not bind the top, I top stitched to lining and the outer together. I love those colours.
The one on the right is my pairaie point bag. It is a lovely bag, with a great fabric, I just love the feel of the cotton, the softness is so appealing.

new leaf turned over!

I lie at night and dream up great blog entries. This is good as it shows I am ready to start blogging a lot more than I have managed to do so far this year.

So, I have tried to put together some blog entires that may entertain and possibly enthrall – ha ha!