Friday, July 16, 2010

stupid update points

Tim still in hospital, now it is an allergic rash - it looks like he is allergic to perfumes. This is now going on 5 months (with a 5 day break).

I am to go to CT on the 27th July till the 11 Aug. This is to try get the boys into some routine that will not kill the nanny.

My phone is in hospital - upgrade to software, hell's teeth, it is only 7 months old. Therefore no facebook, so I will have to update anything here.

I have been quilting my life away, I have finished 4 in the last week - not all big, 2 small, 2 big. I will recharge those stoopid batteries if I think about it. Oh, and my latest is almost done.

I am pretty boring apart from the above!

thanks for reading - from a cold Coral - geesh my hands are freezing, first time this winter.