Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tim photos March 2010

With my Quilt from James!
Henk always looks like that in photos - totally fed up!

I just woke up! And that camera has given me a fright!

With Mommy and Daddy

With my nana (nanny), Florinda. She adores him!
He is so hard to get a smiling photo of, he gets such a fright as the camera starts to pre-flash, it is pretty funny.

Back from CT

Tim is doing well, he is teething, and has a bit of a runny nose, and is a bit miz. But seems healthy otherwise. The Hickman line goes in about 2 cm to the right of his right nipple, the line runs up to his neck, and doubles back to go down to near his heart. The outer bit is a double line, I am not sure why there is two ends. He has them all rolled up and packaged on his chest with surgical dressings. He was so good yesterday when they were working on him, they irrigated it and he was squirmy, but not shrieking.

He is a pretty happy child now, but to get a smiley photo is near impossible - he gets a puzzled look on his face when the camera pre-flashes!

I will put up some photos soon, like in a few hours.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

stuff I have done

Bread - I will only use one or two cups of Krackly Wheat flour next time - too crunchy. Like eating popcorn kernels - ha ha!
But otherwise it turned out well.

The Bug Collecter

This is how far I am with Coralie's quilt top, yes that is sushi you can see! Yes that is nearly the whole of my sewing room floor!
Off to have a late lunch - Fillet steak, salad, potatoes and more of my bread!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am feeling like I would like to find a cave and hide. Mostly
because I do not want to think about Tim’s illness and the possible
outcomes. And people keep asking. They are concerned for Tim, Coralie
and Henk, and me. But I would be happy not discussing anything right
now. The uncertainties are pretty worrying. And I am tired of ‘faking’
it – trying so hard to be positive that my face aches with the smile.

Tim is not well at the moment and I am scared the BMT will be
cancelled. He is miserable. His meds have been increased 3x.

On the positive side I have lost a little bit of weight, I have not
weighed myself, but my clothes are fitting a bit better. I have
stopped drinking alcohol during the week, and over the weekends
limiting myself. I have started walking, only in the complex driveway
at the moment, which is 200m long; so one lap is 400 m. I am up to 4
laps, nearly 2km! Maybe by next week I will get up to 2kms. This is
the most exercise I have done in years, and now my Achilles Tendon is
reminding me why I stopped!

We are watching the DFL IPL 20/20 Cricket at the moment, it is a great
game and very exciting. Shane Warne is back from Aus, he and Gillcrest
are worth watching, they are the older players that have nothing to
lose, and go out to smash sixes off the ball. Feel jealous if you do
not have access to the games!

I have another trip booked for CT. 30 to 4th April. Boy, I am going to
be getting my voyager miles again.

love and hugs

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hamster girl - grateful

Most of you know already that Tim's BMT is to happen soon, admission to hospital has been moved to the 29th March, with the BMT on 31st.

I have been promised cheaper tickets from 1Time - a local carrier here in SA. They are sponsoring my tickets to such an extent I am getting a return ticket for R200 - an absolute steal. (US$27.00, UK pounds 18.07, Aus$29.46)

I have also been offered a hire car for free from Hertz! Holy Moly, I really am astounded!

So all I have to do is tell news as it happens. Now my phone does not connect to this site, so I cannot blog it. But I can Facebook it. So, if you are getting my Tim news by blog only, and want updated news, Facebook is the answer. You do not have to offer any personal details, unless you want to. So it is as secure as you want it to be. If you have the right phone and the right cell phone provider you can have updates sent directly to your phone.

I have a hamster in my brain - you know - hamster syndrome, there he is running on his wheel and too much is going on to stop. I have so much to think about and so much planning to do.

I have my first trip on the 23 March and back on 26 March. Yes I know this is early, but remember the dates were changed!

I am so grateful for 1Time and Hertz, they have helped a complete stranger in a tight spot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

and again, long time since we spoke!

I gave been busy this week, 4 days I have been at work for the month end / year end stock take. I personally am not happy with it, but we can go no further.

I have however trimmed all the log cabin squares to a set square, and started to sew them together this morning, then unpicked them all (ho hum).

I have Ian at home for the weekend and will enjoy that.

Have a great weekend all