Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally I have sorted out Coralie's Paypal account. I am totally exhausted, by it all. If you (nb, this is for family only), want to deposit go ahead, it will work now.

I do not want to count how many hours I have spent on this, really and truly, hundreds.

goin' to bed now.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thoughts from a very cluttered mind.

I am internalising all my worries and thoughts, which on one hand means I am coping with them, but on the other hand, I am out of comms.

Sorry everyone!

I have the builders here, they are nearly finished, I am pretty ambivelent about them, if I get annoyed I have to think at least it is one day down, they should be finished by the weekend. Best bit? I get my own sewing room - very exciting!

Things have happened in a badly timed way. Building quote accepted, work started, building quote wrong, roof needs to be totally re-worked. Wrestle with figures, Coral loses job, building work continues. Coralie needs mom earlier (I have already changed my return flight at a big cost already), I have to refuse. She was to ask MIL. Not sure what has happened there. I guess nothing or else I would hear.

Tim may be in hospital until after Robin is born. This could be crunch time.

Thought pattern - I go to CT on the 25th, I move into RCCH with Tim, Coralie goes to Paarl to have Robin. I stay with Tim until not needed, but I am returning on the 7th June. Rachel, the babies Godmother, arrives on the 6th June. She can take over with Tim if needed, but I am sure Coralie will be out of hospital by then. But will Robin? The RCCH has nurses quarters that the sometimes rent out for R24 a night. The thought pattern is - Coralie stay with Tim, and when she wants to swap and see Robin, just do it, we (me and Rachel tag team) will be 100 m away. Now the problem is if Tim is still in hospital when Rachel leaves - what then? My only thought is that Robin returns here to JHB, I can take care of him here and return him when he is ready for school, not really!

Oh, hell - now I am overthinking it all.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

going home - well, not really.

Tim leaves hospital tomorrow, after a TV interview. Famous before he can even sit up by himself!

He transfers to Red Cross from tomorrow, I have no idea for how long. He has to start eating properly, he is not eating a large amount yet.

I am starting to feel more relaxed, and I feel so different, I didn't realise how tense I was.

I am knitting, another bear, my 4th; cross stitching a Christmas card; and sorting out fabric to start a 'scrap bag' quilt. So I may still be a stitcher yet.

Sean is here today, he popped in, I have fed him breakfast, and he is supposed to be doing a final clean on his rom, but is watching Jeremy Clarkson on TV instead. He will get to it...