Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coralie's baby shower news

I forgot to mention, Coralie has a blog up for her baby shower

For relatives and friends only, this is not for you who are not interested!!
Coralie with Tim, about 26 weeks.

my letter in the local paper - fame at last!!

Letter to the local newspaper in reply to Martin Pearson!

In reply to Martin Pearson's letter regarding the placement of the speed bumps on President Steyn Road.

I presume you do not live on President Steyn Road as I do, as the residents are more than grateful for the speed bumps for the following reasons:

Prior to the speed bumps cars were tailgating residents all the way down the road towards President Boshoff Road, not taking any notice of the residents slowing down to turn in their driveways. Any attempt to turn into a resident's own driveway invariably was an anxiety causing moment as the traffic behind usually did not acknowledge the indicators, or the slowing of the car in the front. This traffic would also pass on the right, when an indicator was signaling a right turn. Hairy indeed.

Exiting the driveway was also a worry, as traffic turning from President Boshoff into President Steyn were using top speed, and turning out of my own driveway was fraught with anxiety as the inconsiderate drivers were tailgating, flashing lights and overtaking on the grass verge. This behaviour from cars that were not visible on my entering the road! One wonders how fast they were travelling.

More than 90% of the traffic on President Steyn Road is caused by people using it as a short cut. As this road is a sand based road, that is a light tarmac surface, it cannot handle the traffic volumes, and this is why the road is in such bad repair. This road was never intended to handle all the traffic that is currently using it. It was originally a 'plot road', not a short cut.

Personally I will welcome the Municipality closing the road to through traffic entirely.
Thank you Municipality for the speed bumps!
There was another letter in reply to Martin Pearson's first letter too, saying, add two more speed bumps!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've hacked you!

Hey, Coral. I'm in. I feel like some sort of hacker - how pathetic am I? LOL! Anyway, no probs getting in.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guest blogger

Today is my daughter Coralie's turn, she has written a note to people whom she cares for to describe the appointment and the scan with all - enjoy!

What an eventful evening we had on Friday!

My appointment at the gyne was at 16:00. This was a big scan which all together took an hour and a half for the appointment and a thorough scan. We only managed to get into his room at 18:30 as we had one gyne on duty and he had already done 3 emergency deliveries through the day which reeked havoc with his appointments. By this time Henk was livid that we were waiting and we still had not even gone into the drs room! We were still in the waiting room! Dr nearly had anther emergency to deliver twins in his room whilst we were there! We finally made it into the room. He gave us a bit of info regarding what the purpose of this scan is and what he wants to learn from it is respect to the health of the baby

The purpose of this scan was to check health factors and risks.
The umbilical cord has the three veins for proper nutrition and blood supply to Baby – Yay!!
The heart has all four chambers – this alone has eliminated 80% of possible detectable heart diseases – Yay!!
Both kidneys are there!
The spine is in good condition with no breakages J
No soft spots for Downs Syndrome were detected!
The brain is there – LOL! No seriously we have a brain and it is perfectly in proportion to the drs requirements.
We have 2 legs (with the correct amount of bones) with 2 enormous feet!
Arms and face we could not see very clearly as the sound waves could not pick up the detail of the face (cleft palate has not been omitted yet) and we have not been able to check the bones in the arms either. This will be done if 4 weeks time at my next appointment.

And Henk favourite part!! After struggling for a while to see the sex of the baby dr had to cross section the scan of the baby length ways to see the sex of the baby. So in the scan to will not be able to make out much.
There is a shadow of a leg in the background on the right side. The pelvis is clear located more to the middle right.
Spine and ribs on the left side.
You may be able to see the small dark spot (further left) which is the heart.
The head is not part of the scan so don’t look for it! (As this pic was to check the sex)
You should be able so see on this scan that we have a BOY!!! To quote the Dr ‘For 22 weeks this is the biggest package I have seen and I have delivered over 9000 babies!”

We finally left the drs rooms at 19:45! But with fantastic news – a healthy baby BOY!!!

(sorry all, as per usual, blogger will not let me upload pictures - sigh)!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

shall I be a granny or a grandpa?

It’s a boy!

Yup, and the Dr says he has a ‘mahoosive package’!! (and he has delivered over 9000 babies, so he should know!)

So, all other 22 week old foetuses are jealous!

Oh, and has the most enormous feet, yup, the Dr was also amazed about that, but Daddy has size 13's - American 15's.

So, now we think about names, Timothy is one of them so far.

Any ideas on names? Short and sweet are preferable.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Why is it that when you are supportive and only are trying to help out a really good friend through a dark patch, they turn on you and say you are trying to encourage them to divorce? She brought up the subject, not me, she contacted an old boyfriend, not me, she was making plans, not me. But now it is my fault.

You cannot do a thing right can you?
Feeling bruised……