Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So tired of all this crap!

I am just going to moan, briefly, I hope. I don't feel 100%. I have high blood pressure, I have a mild headache and feel that I'd be quite comfy on the couch watching mindless TV. I went to the Dr yesterday. Who prescribed some meds. I also took Tim. He is not on form either. He has bone aches from the leukemia, and a heavy duty ear infection. Anyway, he had to have some blood taken, and was SO brave, he did bellow a bit, but was very brave, not a tear. Straight afterwards he was telling the phlebotomist that he was going to have a 'choclit' milkshake. He then informed me that the tracksuit trousers he had on were relatively useless as they should also have a pocket in the front. He's not wrong. :-) We then went to the pharmacy, where I filled his prescription, and forgot mine - hopeless I am, hopeless. So Ian is filling mine today. Sigh! This working is for the birds, no time off - not even a lunch break to get a script. I am 200m from a large shopping centre, but can't get there! I was told originally that I would get late afternoons off. Huh!! That stopped after the first month! My mum has terminal lung cancer, she is currently on oxygen, and can barely talk. This is also stressing me out, I feel I should see her. But I know it will be inconveinient for them. So, all in all, I am very grumpy, and I'd like to go to that desert island.


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of loves to you and Tim and everyone. <3

Coral said...

Thanks Barbara, I am over that obvious frustration. Now onto another day! :-)