Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Such an interesting dream…

I dreamt that I could fly like a bird, effortlessly. I was soaring through the sky and enjoying the freedom of it so much.

I have never had such an uplifting (ha!) dream before.

My parents were in the dream watching me, like you would a child who was doing something somewhat dangerous. It was oddly comforting that they were focused on the fact that I could ‘crash and burn’. (I did get the impression that they were critiquing my style though).

Happy Birthday Kier – my nephew in England, he is 6 today!

Happy anniversary Katie and Mark – 25 years!

Happy birthday Emma Jaine Tompson, in Australia – 3 today!


Jenna said...

What a liberating dream that must have been! :)

susanm said...

Hi have not been around for ages. see you have become a gran. Congrats to you and the parents. It is such a wonderful experience and I have three grandsons. Just love them to bits. So different from being a mom dont you think?
I have been so busy with my sewing and have the x stitching bug again and it does not want to ease off a bit as I have lots of quilting stuff that needs finishing. Take care and hugs.