Friday, May 15, 2009


I am slowly getting back to 'normal', but I am missing my baby and her baby so much. I need baby cuddles.

I have a lot of stuff to take with me to CT when I go - a stack of things that Coralie thought were not necessary and stuff she had to leave behind due to weight restrainsts.

This stack of stuff includes a 'snug and safe' and a carry cot! I have decided that I will take cartons with me, as I am only going for 3 days (there and back) I will take my clothes in a carry on and her stuff in boxes. Now to get the boxes.

Sean is missing Coralie so much too, I can tell, he will not say; he is a toughie!

BTW I love my new washing machine, it takes so much clothing - 8kgs, and it plays a little tune so you know when it is finished! Brilliant!

Old photo of the baby! Did you know he will be a month old tomorrow?

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mainely stitching said...

It must be hard to have them gone, Coral. ((((HUGS!))))