Friday, May 22, 2009

on course

Of course~!

I have been on course the last two days doing a 'Round the World' Quilt.

Well, my opinion is that it is too much like boring hard work, I have made much more excitng ones previously.

It will be stunning when finished, but that will not be for a while as Ian is not working this weekend.

Pictures will follow as soon as I have finished it, it looks like 'Coral' according to the lady who has the shop in which the course was run.

I forgot to add to my 'grateful' post - the almost silent Miele vacuum cleaner - also new.

Bad me!!

Tired, it was a long day

kisses to you all


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You sure are diligent girl. I love your quilting. And I am pleased you've been getting new are always so happy with your new things that I find joy from you enjoying them. Know what I mean? You seem not to take things for granted or just expect them.