Monday, May 4, 2009

Does LG suck? Not from this machine!!

On Friday we bought a new washing machine, on Saturday it does not want to pump out the water, but it worked for the first load ever. Brilliant…. Good old LG. We are starting to wonder about them, the TV also had to go back.
I need is to book my flight to Aus in November for my nephew’s wedding, but have to clear my credit card first. Hmm, unexpected expenses have occurred lately. (Not mine).


mainely stitching said...

Good luck with the c.c. Mine's in a terminal state, I fear.

Jenna said...

I echo Barbara's sentiments. Credit cards are the bane of everyone's existence. A necessary evil, but evil nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

How far are you from Austraila? What a wonderful fun trip that'll be. I'd love to go there sometime.

A new washing machine. I love when I get something new for the house...especially if it makes life and chores easier.